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This is a theme for Pidgin Guifications notifications designed to match Gnome notifications in basic Gnome desktops like Ferdora, Mandriva and Debian- it was designed and tested on Debian Lenny.

There's a blue popup to match the default themes in these Distro's, plus an orange pop-up to match the New Wave theme which I use.

The theme is working with email notifications and basic IM message notifications (sign on, sign off etc)- see screenshot above.

I haven't tested it with file transfers etc. If anybody uses the theme and notices bugs- text ellipsis, most likely- please grab a screenshot and send it to me.

How to install:

Extract or move Gnome-basic into:


There are two background images supplied. Make sure the colour you want to use is named background.png

There seems to be a glitch in Guifications and email notifications- after changing themes, unselect and then reselect 'Email' in the 'Notifications' tab if email notifications don't appear.
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