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Have you built yourself a DIY Steam box with the advent of Steam for Linux? Do you wish that you could make it more integrated with the appearance of Steam? Well here's one piece of the puzzle! Give plymouth (your bootsplash (the pretty thing before you get to the login screen)) a bit of that Steamy sexiness!

This plymouth theme gives a nice little 3d animation to watch before you get to shoot some aliens or go on a virtual adventure, so enjoy!

I will add a way to do a simple 2d animated splash in the near future for those who find this theme too slow (due to all the frames).

Lots of necessary info can be found in the folder, but feel free to ask me questions here if you are struggling with something.

Oh yeah, this theme works for 1920x1200 resolutions and below.

Here's a preview of what it kind of looks like. Large gif ahead.

Update: I have created a lighter version so it will load much quicker. Soon I will make a really light version for even faster loading times.
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