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Another icon theme for Linux Mint 3.x Mintupdate application. This theme utilizes Linux Mint logo and looks professional and well integrated. This variation utilizes the default Tango icon themes to provide the most integrated look to Linux Mint 3.x (Cassandra & Celena)

To Install:
1. Extract the tarball somewhere in your home directory.
2. Open Mintupdate and select preferences.
3. Click the 'icons' tab. Click the file manager icon adjacent to each icon state and browse to where the tarball was extracted. Choose the appropriate new icon to replace the existing icon for each of the four icon states (i.e., busy, system up-to-date, updates available, and error.)
4. Click 'Apply'


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11 years ago

1.0 Create new Mintupdate icon theme.

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11 years ago

1.0 Create new Mintupdate icon theme.

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