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A Gnome Shell looking GRUB and Plymouth theme to give your booting experience a consistent look all the way to the desktop. The package includes an alternate version of the GRUB and plymouth theme which is just that it uses the Fedora 17 Beefy Miracle wallpaper. Also, in each of the themes there's a file called "distributor_logo.png" or something like that, you can change the distro logo on the bootup by modifying this image.

Installation Instructions

To install the GRUB themes, run the script in a terminal with root privileges, and it'll ask you a few questions. Then it'll set the theme for you.

These are the installation instructions for installing the plymouth theme on Ubuntu.

1. Run this command: gksudo nautilus /lib/plymouth/themes
2. Copy the plymouth theme into the directory
3. Now open up the default.plymouth file in /lib/plymouth/themes in a text editor and find the lines ImageDir and ScriptFile, then change the lines to this




depending on which one you want to use.

The process is slightly different depending on the distro you\'re using. The only thing that'll change is the directory path, and you'll probably need a package called plymouth-plugin-script (It's like this for Fedora I believe).

Enjoy! :)

Here is a video showing it off.
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