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I have write a little script to update SolusOS automatically with one click.
Between the step's i have inserted a Break of 10 second's so that you could read the text.
What you must do:
Download the rar-datei
unrar the archive and copy the file's "" and update.png in a directory of your choice
(i have for such script's make a directory named "bin")

Now create a Launcher(example:on your Desktop)
Click right on your Desktop or where ever and select "create a Launcher"

name:Update System
command: gnome-terminal -x /home/username/bin/ (replace username with your Name and the Folder bin with the folder where you want to place the script)

comment:what you wish

Click on the Image-Button in create launcher and choice the update.png then click ok
And now can you with one click on the Launcher, update your System it is very easy.

it could be that this script worked on all Debian-based-Systems i have create it for SolusOS.

Should it not be run on the first time, make a right click on it go down to Permission and set a hook by run as Programm

This Script is written by User Sandmann from the SolusOS Forum
he give me that Script to share it here

Thank you Sandmann
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product-maker sakasa Dec 30 2012 9 excellent
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Dec 30 2012
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