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Value of lines, at the left on the rights:
1. It is taken places on a system disk
2. It is taken places on a house disk
3. It is occupied percent of operative memory
4. It is occupied percent swap memories
5. Loading on the processor
6. Processor temperature
7. Speed of return of the traffic
8. Speed of loading of the traffic


After downloading choose the coloring necessary to you (Dark, Light)
Also copy contents of the chosen folder in a root of the house catalog.
(Files in catalogs are hidden!)
After it is necessary to open a file "LoadAll.lua" and in line
package.path = "/home/HOMEFOLDER/.conky/?. lua"
We replace "HOMEFOLDER" addressed to your house folder.

Further we bring conky in auto-start of programs and we reboot


7 years ago

Hi there.

I've got two little problems:
1- the last two bars are always empty (actually my system uses eth1 for wireless and eth0 for cable, is it the problem?)
2- I can see no text at all.

Then I'd ask you a few more things:
3- Since I'm using no swap at all, how can I disable the 4th bar?
4- How can I edit the text file to remind me what a bar is monitoring?

Thank you so much for this conky config, it's the only one I really like.




7 years ago

Thanks that you use mine conky =)

Has corrected files, replace with them the.
Should help you with the first 2 questions.
If isn't present, at all I do not know than to you to help =)

3. Swop it is possible to clean.
In file LoadAll.lua to remove this element of a file {- bar 4 name = "Swapperc" (not a line namely an element)

4. Hasn't absolutely understood a question but if you want to add
New deduced data you need to edit a file.conkyrc,
As it to make, you can find through google, it is a lot of material =)

I apologize that didn't answer so long.
I here not often happen =)


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