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What is Early Bird?

Early Bird is a graphical method of installing and managing GRUB2 bootloader themes.


I realized that there was no way of managing and installing themes unless you used the terminal (such as with my themes that I have released here). So I decided to make one.

What about grub-customizer?

From what I saw of it, it just allowed you to tweak some settings, which are in my future plans. I want you to be able to completely manage your GRUB bootloader, but right now it is a simple manager and installer.

What do I need to make it run?

All you need is the Mono runtime isntalled.

What language is it written in?


What license is it under?

The bash scripts are GPL (you can actually use the scripts to do what the UI does just by passing arguments to it), but the .exe is closed for now because there is not much to it just yet (I am still learning the intricacies of GTK), so when I do release the code it will be when it is in a state that is ready to be released.

One more thing and this is important, when you click on the install or apply buttons, you need to give the application about 20 seconds or so because it has to regenerate the grub.cfg (you will get a confirmation of this) so give it some time to do its thing.

Also, Hasbro owns the ponies.


4 years ago

Minor tweaks here and there

4 years ago


how do i install or run this program?


4 years ago


terns out i had to open it from mono develop(i know it sounds funny and strange)cheers nice app!


4 years ago


there is a reason for this
C# is a .NET language
.NET isn't supported natively on linux like it is on windows,
it can only be run if you have Mono installed in some form,
since Mono will provide the necessary framework the program relies on...
it's like trying to run java programs without java installed... it just won't work


2 years ago


I'm just wondering why he choose to use mono, its not like its going to be something your going to port to windows.



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