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This package contains several Patterns for your Panel in any Gnome based system and is part of the "Art of Cappuccino" full Theme for Linux, created by me. Instructions can be found inside the package. Look in Gnome look, kde look and beryl themes for Art of Cappuccino and you'll find every single file or just have a look at the complete Theme set, always available at

You may want to use Art of Kappuccino too since it is a KDE version of this theme and its designed to make all apps look the same even if you use KDE apps into Gnome often.

The Art of Cappuccino Theme aims to bring you the peaceful and nice feeling of having a Cappuccino in a tranquil and elegant Bar, plus it will summon in your mind the pleasure of an artistically prepared Cappuccino Cup. I don't know if you ever came across one of those bar where a Cup of Cappuccino is not just a quick bar prepared beverage but a real piece of Art... I did and am pleased of it.

This Theme exists thanks to an inspiration given by the always great and wonderful Light Coffee Theme ( szerencsefia. I found this theme the most lovely ever created for Linux and then created one of my own to modify and expand that feeling of peace and serenity.

Art Of Cappuccino is entirely designed by me, is not a copy of anything and its original artwork. You can download, modify and o whatever you whant with this. See License.

Visit my website for further instructions and a comprehensive list of my works (The link is right under my username and picture).

Programs used to create this Theme were only opensource and in particular:

- The Gimp
- Delineate (To convert bitmap files to vectorial format)
- Inkscape (To work with vectorial graphics)
- Evolvotron (To create nice fractal backgrounds)
- gdmthemetester
- agave (For nice color matching)

9 years ago


WoW!! What a nice panel patterns. Keep up your tasteful customization.


9 years ago


Hola! Nice to see you keeping up with my works ;) Thanks man! Did you try the AOC Theme?


9 years ago


Nice one m8. Rarely do I use panel backs I haven't made. These cut the mustard pal.

Nice stuff




9 years ago


Well thanks, I suppose...? :D
What does "These cut the mustard pal" stand for (Of course I understand the literal translation, just don't know what did you mean)? Happy you enjoyed!



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