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This is a complete guide to, for the confused, and for the lost.
If you don't recognise the words GTK, Metacity, Emerald or Beryl, this guide is for you. It includes explanations on what those words mean and how to install them to your GNOME desktop.
I wrote this article and submitted it to Full Circle Magazine, a magazine dedicated to Ubuntu. This download is just the article concerning
Please note: at the end of the article, I mention my project, complete-look. It has now been renamed to Epidermis Its code is hosted on Epidermis lets you customise the look of your whole GNOME desktop at once. It's still under development. End of plug.


9 years ago

This would have been a great help back when I first started theming Gnome. Customization was the number two reason I switched to Linux (number one was the Windows XP network wizard). Awesome work, many props.


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