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This's a preview of a Sonar Artwork Pack I'm releasing later today.

Sonar is openSUSE's default look and probably the best "vanilla" GNOME around.

The pack includes Sonar GTK Theme, Fifth Leg titlebar font, Sonar Icons, latest GNOME Icon Theme (new emoticons!), openSuse's default wallpaper and an alternative one Ubuntu branded, all this installable trough a handy install script, which even lets you choose a custom GNOME main menu icon (4 to choose from: GNOME's foot, Fedora's logo, Ubuntu-Mono and openSUSE).

Oh, have I said that I added Ubuntu-Mono-Dark icons (the monochrome ones!) to the Sonar icon theme and a few other goodies here and there?

All credits go to original theme, wallpaper and icons authors, I just grabbed them, tweaked, removed and added some things, and then I improved my bash skills by writing a horrific install script ;-)

As said,
The best vanilla GNOME around just met 2010 Linux theming. They're in love now.

More on this later ;)


8 years ago

As far as I know... "vanilla" gnome there is only one, the upstream one... everything changed by distributions, is not vanilla.

(correct me if I'm wrong...)




8 years ago

Vanilla as in keeping the same guidelines. For example, compare Ubuntu's GNOME with openSUSE's GNOME. Ubuntu doesn't scream "GNOME!", while openSUSE sonar clearly remembers it.
That what I consider here being vanilla, keeping the same style.
Of course every distro always adds its branding and customization, but some look way more similar to the upstream GNOME than others, so... "vanilla GNOME" :)


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