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A GFXBoot Grub theme for Ubuntu, based on

GFXBoot Theme

mixed up from

SVG icon

and wallpaper

Just finished my first GFXBoot Grub theme and wanted to share it with you. Tested with Feisty and GFXBoot grub-gfxboot_0.97-5_i386.

Requires GFXBoot to be installed (see here for ubuntu derivatives: . Once this is done, this theme can be placed into the grub directory (/boot/grub/message.gulliver) and linked from menu.lst (add 'gfxmenu /boot/grub/message.gulliver' to the to top of the file)

Please note, be careful when playing with Grub files - without a LiveCD or some kind of recovery disk, it can really make things difficult if things go wrong.
Last changelog:

14 years ago

1.1: adapted size (pack is smaller now)


13 years ago

This looks amazing... much better with a true colour palette instead of a 256 colour gif from 1994

Nice layout too, well thought-out with the text on the right.

I can't believe it's not the default way... is it really just distro politics?



13 years ago

i guess it's because it's useless. it looks nice, but it is useless. SuSE/Kanotix use that by default.


14 years ago

1.1: adapted size (pack is smaller now)

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How to install a grub theme:

  1. Extract the theme to /boot/grub/themes/

  2. Edit /etc/default/grub file. Find the line starting with "#GRUB_THEME" and change it to "GRUB_THEME=/boot/grub/themes/[THEME_FOLDER]/[theme.txt]" (replace [THEME_FOLDER] ; [theme.txt] is probably OK ; remove "[]" brackets)

  3. Run sudo update-grub

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