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Seeing as making mock-up designs for gnome and kde is quickly becoming a fad, I thought I'd join in the fun and try it myself.

"candi gnome" is a result of:

1 sleep deprivation due to the fact that it's the second-last day before school starts again

2 stolen icons from all over - I suck at illustration (icons still copyright their respective owners)

3 feeling the itch to make something on a whim

I doubt this will ever be used, but hey, it's a good piece of entertainment.

The design

The bottom is pretty much a mac application tray. The idea is that you can drag and drop icons for easy access. The one thing I didn't like about the mac was that minimized windows became mingled with the applications, so there's also a task bar that's pretty much the same as gnome has now.

the tab thing is to show/hide the bar when there's a full screen app running.

I also shrunk the usual three main buttons on the gnome bar into one small icon. I think it looks a lot cleaner this way.

oh, the psd file is attached so you can mess with it if you want.


14 years ago

The moment this interface is build I'll tear down my current Gnome Installation and grab it-this is a jewl!

Some of the concepts are already doable, but we'd need a new menu applet, and I think the panel is already okay.

I personally love the color orientated toolbars, as it's easier on the eyes to locate things,

I hope that that window isn't selected as it should have a colored or transparent title bar, and I imagine an option in the appropriate "File Manager" for a status bar.

I think the hidable dock is a good idea, yet I', not entirely sure if I'm too hot about the panel's "current windows"


One last thing, I really dig the Red, Blue & Green in Ubuntu's Menu, did you know google specifically orientates things with certain colors to help people remember things, this is exelent (recently picked up by mac,) and helps people locate their files 1000 times easier.



15 years ago

im fairly new to linux and im having problems installing this mock-up, when i try it as a theme it says its an invalid format, i need help installing this



15 years ago

You can't install mockups - they're just someone's opinion of how something should look. Sometimes people will go on to make a theme based on a mockup, but the mockup is just an idea.



15 years ago

Excellent its really pretty!



15 years ago

I'm not sure if I'd like this really, but apart from the multi-colored Gnome menu at the top, most of this is basically doable right now.

There will be things that don't look quite right - for example, windows with multiple toolbars might look strange - but the basic look could be done.



15 years ago

very hot! imho just have to change the desktops applet (it seems to be the same current gnome has) and the window border (worse than the current lol)

congratulatios ;]



15 years ago

Best mockup I've seen here!


product-maker Galvatron Dec 25 2010 9 excellent
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