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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on


The guy that hosted the original Firefox & Thunderbird icons was caught by mozilla and forced to take them down. I however have put them back up, and was smarter about it, but I wont say how. *cough*fake info*cough* I managed to retain the 2.3 install instructions:

How to install 2.3:
This theme can now be installed by simply extracting the tar.bz2 file into
either $HOME/.kde/share/icons/hicolor or
$HOME/.kde/share/icons/crystalsvg or if you want to install it
systemwide (making it available even to gnome)
into /usr/share/icons/hicolor or appropriate directories in your kde
installation (/usr/kde/3.2/share/icons/hicolor on gentoo).


16 years ago

As you can see, the person who posted these icons is doing so in knowing violation of the trademark rights of the Mozilla Foundation.

We want to preserve our trademark rights, while making it easy for people to use the Firefox logos to label official builds of Firefox. We are still working out exactly how to do that - it's a learning process - but there's no need for behaviour like this.

I would ask people please not to download this package.



16 years ago

As an avid Firefox user I understand Mozilla wants to protect it's hard earned trademarks, but don't understand how this is an infringement of those rights.

As another poster pointed out the Firefox logo is really cool, but the quality of the icon is third rate. I don't see the harm in a user creating and sharing a superior icon for us to associate with your product on our desktops. Isn't that kind of like free advertising?

Clearly the person who reposted these has a bad attitude, and I suspect he doesn't know how to build a zip archive either (because I couldn't open it). Wouldn't it be possible however, for Mozilla to allow the original artist to share these? They are clearly marked 'For Firefox/Thunderbird' and he isn't taking credit for the original designs.

I don't understand the issue here, but would really like these icons to (preferably legally) grace my desktop.

A concerned and confused user,




16 years ago

As I do agree that he is posting something that he has no right to post, these updated icons are better than what is included with the install of Firefox & Thunderbird.

They are more crisp and clean looking.

I'm looking at the icon that came with the tar ball I installed and it's jaggy around the edges and looks like a poor gif on some geocities website that some one cut out of a screen shot.

Perhps these are being put out here because what is being provided is not up to par.



16 years ago

"these updated icons are better than what is included with the install of Firefox & Thunderbird."

That's as may be - we are working with the original poster to get them made available legally. However, making them available illegally meantime is not the way to behave.



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