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Just wanted to share my desktop: I'm using Cillop for my theme, and for Amarok, I'm using Domino to try to replicate Cillop as much as possible. I think it works alright. I'm also using the Glossy Icons, but I'll eventually be using icons lifted from the Gnome icon theme, OSX-itunes. I've also started adding icons from various other places, such as the Tux 'n' Tosh icons.

I'm using Avant Window Navigator and Kwin (with Baghira) to take care of shadows and transparency. Beryl was just eating too much of my limited RAM, Compiz never quite worked, and xcompmgr just never seemed to work right. Kwin also doesn't cause problems with 3D games. Eventually I'm going to make a Kwin theme based on BlendedSmall, which is what I normally use with Metacity, because I just haven't found anything that looks as nice to me.

My main goal is elegance and no clutter. So no desklets or other eye-candy. It's another reason why I didn't use Beryl, because I always left 90% of things turned off on it. Just didn't seem worth it. It's also the reason Firefox has been pretty well trimmed back, and it also has forced me to learn a lot of the keyboard shortcuts. Next up: trying to figure out how to do the same in Thunderbird.

Let me know what you think! I'm pretty happy I got this going--it makes my crappy little Toshiba look like it cost a little more than three-hundred bucks!


13 years ago

See, that's what I'm talking about: use what works for you.

Right now I'm using kde 3.5 for my main desk, but I'm using Emerald with CompizFusion, and AWN. I use OS X at work and have found that Exposé and the Dock are way more intuitive than merely a taskbar and virtual desktops. And the Desktop Cube in Compiz is way more handy than I thought it would be!

I may go your route soon, though, although I don forsee turning my desktop into an OSX-ish thing at all. Compiz and AWN still have a few rough edges to work out, and I may eventually tire of them, and AWN has some real WTF moments at times (like, why does every window need a dock icon??? why not one icon per app?) and Compiz does some bizarre (though rare) things like defocusing the foreground window at random on my machine. Having said all that, it's nice to have some modern features on my favorite desktop. :-)

Hope you continue to enjoy your *n?x desktop experience!



13 years ago

Where did you find that icon to put in your menu bar?

If you simply cut it from another image can you please send me a copy of it.

Thanks, nice desktop by the way :)




13 years ago

If you mean the little tux apple, you can get it here:


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