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I've had Ubuntu for about half a year, and I'm happy with how far I've gotten in customizing stuff :)

This is obviously compiz fusion, demonstrating expo and cube plugins.
The analogue clock is the cairo-clock with ubuntuslim theme.
The calendar is the Today Calendar Screenlet with grass skin.
The flower is the infamous Flower Screenlet which I have just now managed to grow a little by messing with the poor thing's .py file. :)
The launcher is Kiba-Dock (yup, I like it way better than awn, so shoot me) with custom selected icons from the OSX icon theme pack and the Glossy-Glass pack. -Except for the Firefox icon which is from some ff icon pack.
The main icon theme is nuoveXT-1.6, and the controller is called Glossy.
Window decorator is Emerald with a customized standard theme.
I have no idea where I got the skydome and the wallpaper, sorry.

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