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Small utility for simple time measuring, for example to see how long you spend on some project.

It's controlable through tray icon, but you can also set your own key shortcut (via options) to pause/resume the stopwatch.

I had the code lying around for some time, but special thanks goes to coflynn of the KDE Forums, who gave a request with incentive for this exact app, so I modified the code a little and here it is.

It may use some code cleanup though...

* Better options dialog
* Remembering stopwatch position on quit
* Maybe configurable font?
* Name your request...
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11 years ago

v0.1 - Initial release


10 years ago

Hi, could you add a read me file to explain how to compile and install this, also if it depends on any other library.

for people who wants to run it do the following:
1- unpack the file (files will be in a folder named KStopWatch)
2- create a folder inside that folder name it anything (e.g. build)
3- inside that build folder run: "cmake .."
4- then run: "make"
5- then as root run: "make install"

I have few requests for this nice application:
1- add microseconds.
2- add a shortcut for reset.
3- allow moving the program window by the mouse.
4- the system tray icon is useful but it also show in the application tray, can you hide that?


11 years ago

v0.1 - Initial release

product-maker ZaWertun Oct 30 2015 9 excellent
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Oct 30 2015
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