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Prozessordrossel (German for CPU throttler) throttles your CPU using the Linux ACPI interface of 2.6 kernel.
If your CPU supports it, you can change your processor speed (commonly found in Laptops), or throttle it (meaning it will only run a command every other time, thereby using about half the power).

For this to work, you need the QT4 Developer libraries (Debian packages: libqt4-dev & qt4-dev-tools).

To compile: uncompress, change to source directory and run:
qmake (will create Makefile)
make (will create program)
Copy the executable "Prozessordrossel" to your PATH (p.ex. /usr/local/bin).

To run: "Execute command" from the K Menu, and enter "kdesu Prozessordrossel".

Note: you need to have enabled ACPI interface & userspace speed governor in your Linux kernel (most distributions automatically have this).
Ensure also no other application (like KLaptop) is running and manages the CPU speed.

After setting the CPU speed to your desired value, you can close the application. The speed will stay at the value you set it.
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Dec 09 2009
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