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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on opencode.net

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The Name of this new plugin is Application Launch and Task Bar.
Here’s the interaction that I added (visible in the screenshots below):

1) when right clicking on a task button you can see the new menu item “New Instance” if its desktop file is found in launcher or in the menu cache;

2) when right clicking on a task button you can see the new menu item”Add to Launcher“ if its desktop file is NOT found in launcher and is FOUND in the menu cache;

3) when right clicking on a task button you can see the new menu item”Remove from Launcher“ if its desktop file is FOUND in launcher;

4) when right clicking on a task button you will see NONE of the above if the funcion was not able to locate the desktop file at all.

The way that a desktop file is searched from a task button is simple and not perfect, in some cases it may fail and there’s a config key file to handle these special cases.

a) The desktop files have an Exec section, the exec command is stripped from any argument and the location of the binary (e.g. /usr/bin) is also removed;

b) From the task buttons I retrieve the PID of the window and from the PID I retrieve the command, this command is also stripped from arguments and binary location;

c) the key file about special cases is created if not found in ~/.config/lxpanel/launchtaskbar.cfg and the content is at the moment:


which means that for the task manager retrieved command in these 3 cases I search instead for the associated value
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7 years ago

first public release


8 years ago

Hi Giuseppe, why don't you develop this with the LXDE team on lxde.org?




8 years ago

Hi, I'm on the LXDE developers mailing list and I write there about the progress of my work too, receiving feedback from the other LXDE developers. Some of the work has been already included for the future lxpanel versions (all the changes to the keyboard layout handler until version 0.6).


7 years ago

first public release

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