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The PathWalker is a demo application. It's show how to use DirEntryListView class in your application. The DirEntryListView is a C++ class that provide functionality of the browser of the filesystem . It's designed from scratch and was clean, fast, lightweight and crossplatform.

The main features are:
[li] fully asynchronous filesystem access (user may interrupt long-lasting operation)[/li][li] completely keyboard-oriented interaction with the user (use Ctrl+Tab and Number to navigate between functional areas, Menu button and Number to activate context menu items)[/li][li] multicolumn sorting in the TableView[/li][li] quick filtering of the dir content by the wildcard pattern[/li][li] notification if current directory was modified by changing background color of the path edit control[/li][li] history[/li][li] bookmarks[/li]


Alt+Up arrow: switch to the parent dir
Alt+Down arrow: open selected directory
Alt+Left arrow: history back
Alt+Right arrow: history forward

Ctrl+F: show/hide quick filter
Ctrl+T: popup tools menu
Ctrl+N: start new copy of PathWalker

F5: reread content of current dir
Backspace: switch to the parent dir
Escape: cancel current operation and/or the quick filter

Ctrl+Tab and Number: navigate between functional areas
'Menu button' and Number: activate context menu items
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5 years ago

[li]fix: windows download[/li]

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5 years ago

[li]fix: windows download[/li]

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