Gnome Shell Themes

Cobalt is my first attempt at a gnome-shell theme, so I hope you guys enjoy it. It has been
tested on gnome-shell version 3.18.5 but should work well with others as well.

Based on LUIS VILCHES A.'s Uranus-V0.0.2 gnome-shell theme. So a special thanks to him
You can try the above mentioned from

The new color changer included in this version of Cobalt was totally inspired from
the ACID theme configurator by Padster which you can try out by visiting My way is not as good as it, but gets
the job done.

1) Extract the zip file and copy it to ~/.themes (/home/username/.themes) (In order to use the color changer you'll have to keep it here)

2) Open up tweak tool and select the Cobalt theme from the shells available

3) Now in order to apply different colors first of all you'll need the RGB value of the color you want which can be
fetched by searching google or if you're really lazy just go to

4) Open up your terminal and do the following:-

* cd ~/.themes/Cobalt_Chameleon/gnome-shell (or Cobalt_Chameleon_with_GTK3 in case of the gtk file)
* chmod +x chameleon
* ./chameleon r,g,b (only write down the numerical values no need to write rgb and without spaces in between
cuz I haven't handled them both in the code. :p SORRY!)

eg: ./chameleon 255,0,0

5) Please read the file for a clear overview on how to use and the do's and dont's for this theme.

6) Enjoy :) !

If you wanna use the colors displayed in the pic:-
./chameleon 255,0,0 makes it Red
./chameleon 255,255,0 makes it Yellow
./chameleon 0,255,0 makes it Green
./chameleon 255,255,255 makes it White

Note: If the color change through chameleon doesn't apply to you app eg: nautilus, then please kill it from the terminal (cmd: killall nautilus) and open it up again to see the change.

- You can either download the shell with GTK3 theme or without it from the files section here.


Cobalt Chameleon v1.2 3 months ago

- ADDED GTK3.0 DARK theme which you can apply from tweak tool.
- The GTK3 elements are colored with the same color as your gnome shell theme color.

Cobalt Chameleon v1.1 9 months ago

- Now you have the option to colorize as per your choice

- Fixed minor issues with color darkness, elements etc

13 days ago


Love it!


5 months ago





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