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System Sounds

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These are some sounds I made specially for KDEmod.
KDEmod is an Archlinux project about a modified and enhanced KDE. See http://kdemod.ath.cx/ for further details.

This package of KDE system sounds includes the following sounds:

KDEmod - Error.ogg
KDEmod - General System Message.ogg
KDEmod - IM Buddy Offline.ogg
KDEmod - IM Buddy Online.ogg
KDEmod - IM Message Received.ogg
KDEmod - IM Message Sent.ogg
KDEmod - Login Tune (long version).ogg
KDEmod - Login Tune (short version).ogg
KDEmod - Logoff Tune.ogg
KDEmod - New E-Maill.ogg
KDEmod - Question.ogg

As you can see there are two login tunes. A short version (about 5 seconds + reverb) and a long version (about 15 seconds + reverb). I prefer the long version as it exactly finishes playing when all my systray applications are loaded .

The sounds try to stay low volume and in the background so they don't enerve you as the original KDE sounds would do after some time (e.g. The breaking glass thingy on critical errors). Only important sounds come more to the foreground (like IM and email messages), other sounds stay low volume, as most of the time you can see what happens on the screen directly (a question popup for example).

This content is Creative Commons licensed. You are free to copy and use it everywhere (including commercial applications) if you give credit to me and if you publish changed files under the same license. See http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/ for further details.

If you think I am missing a critical sound message, or if you want me to create some sounds for your application too do not hesitate to contact me directly at jschriewer [at] gmail [dot] com.
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0.5: First public release



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nice, like it. Voted for it


13 years ago

0.5: First public release

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