LibreOffice Splash Screen Pack
Gnome 2 Splash Screens

Some simple splash screens for LibreOffice in case you hate the current stock splash screen as much as I do. Yes, homage is paid to LibreOffice’s progenitor, OpenOffice.

To install install in Linux follow these steps (you will need root privileges):
1) Navigate to “/usr/lib/libreoffice/program”.
2) Backup your existing “intro.png” file.
3) Copy your splash screen of choice over, and rename it “intro.png.” Done

To make the progress bar work for your screen resolution (you will need root privileges):
1) Navigate to “/etc/libreoffice” .
2) Edit “softicerc” in a text editor and fiddle with the coordinates until it suits your taste and screen res..

Please note that under LibreOffice 5.2.. I cannot change the text color as it does not respond to the edits made in “softicerc” (Xubuntu Xenial). I have confirmed this on three systems. If anyone knows a work-around, or fix for this let me know.
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