DarkGraySmooth metacity window decorations
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DarkGraySmooth metacity window decoration

It's my first metacity theme, so please dont't hit me :) rather than that I like constructive criticism, so please feel free ...
This theme is based on the brilliant DarkX-2 theme by bvc (which seems not available out there anymore, so unfortunately no link here)

I use the "Sable Yellow" GTK theme and Sable is also a brilliant dark theme all over, but...

I just wanted an alternative to the window decorations, and more flat OSX like buttons with my favorite colors...
And, unfortunately, Sable has no window borders (or seems to be black ones) and it's some times hard to recognize a single window in a bunch of windows, so I added dark gray 2px borders, which solves the problem for me.

Icons => Mint-X-AbsenceOfBlue
Controls & Desktop: Sable Yellow 3.14
Wallpaper: https://www.flickr.com/photos/64867600@N03/

As usual, sudo copy DarkGraySmooth.tar.gz to /usr/share/themes (or maybe ~/.themes works also)
and select it in system settings.


1 month ago

Anyone who can write a metacity.xml, I give them 10 thumbs up. Now when you get it this small and decent, you deserve 10x the credit. Job well well done. Looks great!



5 months ago

I like this, simple and minimal :)


product-maker ren-cs Jul 27 2017

I like this, simple and minimal :)

product-maker intro18 Jul 24 2017

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