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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on opencode.net


Theme Compilation by Tommi Waydelich

Design for Linux Mint Cinnamon
created and combined by Tommi Waydelich in 2016
Tested at Linux Mint Cinnamon 17 and 18
Desktop *BlackOut* doesn't work with Cinnamon 3.2! I recomment *Eleganse-Dark* from the repositories for Linux Mint 18.1 with Cinnamon 3.2.


Window Borders: LeavesBlack (edited by TommiWaydelich)
Icons: Mint-X-Sand (default by Linux Mint)
Controls: Mint-X-Sand (default by Linux Mint)
Mouse Pointer: Pulse Glass by Stagma at DeviantArt
Desktop: BlackOut by David at Cinnamon Spices
Desktop Background: Linux Mint by Sele (default)
Launcher Icons: Token Light by Brsev at DeviantArt

How to use it:
1 - extract the files
2 - Desktop: copy the folder named *Black Out* to the ~.themes folder in your Home
3 - Metacity: copy the folder named *LeavesBlack* inside *LeavesBlack (edited by TommiWaydelich)* to the ~.themes folder in your Home
4 - Mouse Pointer: copy the folder named *Pulse-Glass* to the ~.icons folder in your Home
5 - Launcher Icons: these icons are not made for Linux Mint, so it's not an icon pack we can use generally. I just used
them for the panel as app launchers.
Save the folder *Token Light* to any folder in your Home, for example Pictures - Icon-Packs.
To change the launcher icons, just right click a starter at your panel and edit it.
Launcher Properties window opens. Left click at the Icon at left side and search for the Token Light
icon you wanna use for it. OK and it's done.
6- open your system properties - themes and choose
Window borders: LeavesBlack (edited by TommiWaydelich)
Icons: Mint-X-Sand
Controls: Mint-X-Sand
Mouse Pointer: Pulse Glass
Desktop: BlackOut
Desktop Background: system properties-backgrounds-Linux Mint-Linux Mint by Sele 1920x1080

I hope you like it :-)
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