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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on


Semi-transparent side bar with analog clock, digital clock, calendar, system info, and "To Do" list.


Add the .conky folder to your home/(username) directory.

Make sure has permission to run as a program.

Most linux distros should have DejaVu Sans Mono, Liberation Sans and Liberation Sans Narrow. If not installed, the Conky Side Bar may not fit correctley within the parameters of the background panel. If you prefer touse other fonts, then you may need to change the fonts in the conkysb file.

To adjust the placement of the Side Bar placement on the desktop, change the parameters in the conkysb file. The parameters are the first lines in the script.

To increase or decrease transparency of the background,edit the conkysb file. On line #17, change the number. A lower number makes the background more transparent.

The default clock face has the hour hash marks on the outer circle. There are other clock faces to use in the conky_icons folder. Either change the name of the clock face you prefer, or change line #51 in the conkysb script file to the clock name.

The clock has an option to show a seconds hand. To enable this feature: Open the clock.lua file in a text editor and edit line 23 by changing the parameter to show seconds=true. Also, in the .conkysb/conkysb file, edit line 10 by changing the parameter for the update_interval to 1.0. The default is 5.0 seconds.

The default text file with your notes for the To Do List is located in /home/(username)/notepad.txt. Either create your own text file with that name, or you may use the java program that comes with the conky theme. The java program is located in /.conky/.notepad. You can create a launch button on your panel or launch bar. The command would be: java -jar /home/(username)/.conky/.notepad/Notepad.jar. Make sure you have java installed in order to run the jar file.

In XFCE to start at login (similar in most desktop environments):
In the Session and Startup application, under the Application Autostart tab, Add Conky (Desktop Widgets) as a new applicationto add to the startup list. Edit the Command to: /home/(username)/.conky/


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I like its analog clock very much.



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Hello write notes to conky bar. tanks beautiful theme


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