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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): https://github.com/madmaxms/iconpack-obsidian/

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This is a fork of the popular icon theme Faenza, primary developed for dark themes. It comes with completely redesigned mimetype icons, lots of new and reworked app icons and multiple folder colors.

For all of you who want back a total Faenza-experience, check out the Delft icon theme:

The project is hosted on Github. You can download it, fork it, build packages for your distribution... do whatever you like.

I'll try to update this project constantly on Github. Once a month I'll post a release (zip / tar-file) to opendesktop.org bringing the latest changes.

Is there an icon you miss, a bug you have found, or do you have a better idea for an existing icon, just let me know in a comment. Suggestions for single icons are very welcome for further development! I cannot guarantee implementing every suggestion, but as long as they are fitting to the rest of the icon pack (and I do like them by myself ;-) ) there is no problem.
In case you want to report a bug, please also mention your desktop and distribution.

Enjoy! :-)

Last changelog:

4.6 apps and symlinks 25 days ago

* new symlinks for GNOME 3.32 apps
* new apps: Zulip, Jadice, Diodon, Dope, Delta-Chat, IBM Notes


1 year ago





1 year ago

Ok, the problem is the master.tar.gz from Github. When you install it via KDE, the file is unpacked to ~/.local/share/icons/iconpack-obsidian-master/Obsidian-1, but the directory "Obsidian-1" must be located in icons, not in a subfolder. Otherwise the index.theme cannot be found. I've added a workaround, so now you can install it via KDE. Good luck!



1 year ago

Working! Thank you so much! I don't see only green icons to select.
Qtractor icon is missing I think and some of them like clementine and firefox, transmission have bugs like mask shape around is missing (leak).



1 year ago

It won't install it from discover, or over settings.



1 year ago

I am using KDE Neon.



2 years ago

The theme looks great. For icon additions, an icon for LMMS would be neat.



2 years ago

I installed now, and i love it, but add icons for: Yandex browser,Krita VirtualBox Unity/Gnome Tweak tool.




2 years ago

Hi, no problem, I can do that. There will be a major release with lots of new app icons near the end of this month, bringing all of these apps. Gnome Tweak Tool should already work in the current version...



2 years ago

Awesome! Someone really needed to make faeneza live again, thank you!!!
When I install fresh Ubuntu Gnome and this icon set without new apps (only chrome) there are a lot of missing icons (and they are missing there all of these years). Please make them:
files (nautilus), books, documents, cheese, calendar (it is similar but it's not that style), maps, music, photos, text editor, videos, weather, characters and logs. They are only missing icons so system can't look perfect. I didn't go deeper but if they are missing from main applications menu then it looks bad it force me to uninstall those apps.
Please consider making them. Thank you!!




2 years ago

Hi, thanks for the reply and for reporting the missing icons. I've added all of them in version 1.1. If you're missing anything else, just comment. Suggestions for further development are always welcome. Enjoy!



2 years ago

One more icon missing and it is really important is one great open source cross platform messaging (text, video, audio) client with full end to end encryption - Wire.




2 years ago

Hey, Wire is a good idea, thanks! I'm currently working on a major release, bringing lots of new app icons (including a replacement for the ugly microscope). It will be ready for release in 1 or 2 weeks. ...so now it's a very goot time for app suggestions ;-)



2 years ago

Awesome! Since we do a music production and there are no icon set anywhere for the biggest and most powerful open source software for music production so next apps: Ardour, LMMS, Rosengarden (it looks it is here but it is too much red, maybe just zoomed picture of rose to fit that shape?), Muse Sequencer, Muse Sore, Mixxx, Rakarrack (guitar effects), Qmidiarp (this is midi sequencer), QjackCtl (This is really important every DAW using this so whatever DAW you install you need this), Pure Data, Audacity (not sure if there is one), Hydrogen and the most powerful open source software synthesizer Zynaddsubfx (They have new logo like Z letter with two triangles on their website, they making completely new UI design so that will be new icon.)

Other apps that missing are: app is also installed with gimp or krita I think called Image Magic like blue wizard on white icon, Synfig Studio (for doing 2d animations), Browser Vivaldi is like obsidian but something is not quite good there, explore this icon if you can, Hugin - Panorama photo stitcher, RawTherapee, Photivo, GTK+ Font manager (have the same icon as Font Viewer), Sweet Home 3D and Scribus (if there are no icon for it) For video there are Openshot, Pitivi, Cinelerra and KDEnlive. That's all most used powerful open source tools :) If you can make a full list of every icon we have in Obsidian and to spread more words about it you can post this on Deviantart and Github. Github is excellent place for this :) This will be the only icon set who contain icons for every software in studio for music, graphic, photo and video.




1 year ago

Hey, first of all big thanks for all the suggestions. It took me a little more time than expected, but now version 2.0 is completed and released. All of your suggestions have been included - and much more! Enjoy! :-) And yes, developing to Github will make things much easier. If anything is still missing, just tell me. I have only tested under Manjaro Gnome yet, but I'll check Linux Mint and Ubuntu Gnome soon.



1 year ago

OMG you are incredible! Thank you so much! You should notice ubuntu studio devs that you made all of this icons, because there are no icon set with these apps. Also KX studio!

I transited from gnome to kde neon and after I install this icon set I don't see it in my settings>icons. How to set this icon set??



2 years ago

One more app Open JDK java from the beginning of the time it's missing in every icon set.



2 years ago

I totally forgot for mind mapping software Freeplane (Java).
Freemind (Java) is also welcome (Freeplane is fork of Freemind), VYM (View Your Mind-Qt) and Labyrinth (Phyton and GTK+). They are all open source mind mapping software :)



2 years ago

Thank you man, you are the king!!
I had a problem with Ubuntu Gnome 17.04 so I had to go back on 16.10 and there are one more icon missing without any new software it is "xdiagnose". That is x diagnostic settings with microscope icon very ugly and blurry.



2 years ago

Great icon theme! however some icons like shutdown, lock screen or log out seem to be "black" instead of that nice 3D silvery effect, have you tried a "Darkest" theme variant?




2 years ago

Hi, you're right, there have been wrong status icons. I've inverted the black ones, so it should fit now. Hope I got everyone. Big thanks for the bug report!



2 years ago

Download, not working?




2 years ago

Tested downloading right now. Works normally.
Have you tried downloading another theme/iconpack from gnome-look.org?



2 years ago

Very nice! Thanks for this ;)



2 years ago

Thank you, :)))



2 years ago

Selecting Obsidian-1 or Obsidian-green has no effect.
Only the Obsidian-1 (which are brown are available)
Running KDE plasma 5.8.5


4.6 apps and symlinks 25 days ago

* new symlinks for GNOME 3.32 apps
* new apps: Zulip, Jadice, Diodon, Dope, Delta-Chat, IBM Notes

4.5 new apps, reworked mimetype shadows 2 months ago

* reworked mimetypes shadow and green folders
* fedora-mediawriter, flameshot, latte-dock, oceanaudio, duolingo, ktnef, karbon, gpaste, komapre, tuxtype
* new places symbols: videos, documents, images
* symlinks: minecraft, qalculate

4.4 new color: silver 4 months ago

* new color: silver
* new apps: yandex, dbeaver, instagram, falkon
* reworked apps: libreoffice, recipes, veracrypt, mintinstall, htop
* new mimetypes: grsync, flatpak

4.3 - new apps, new cursors 7 months ago

* new apps: phpstorm, wavebox, ums
* new cursors based upon Humanity-white

4.2 - new apps, ms-office, symbolic apps 9 months ago

* added and reworked a few apps: geary, jitsi, ...
* ms-office apps: OneNote, Outlook, Office365
* symbolic apps

4.1 - new app icons, improved light mimetypes 11 months ago

* new app icons: franz, wxglade, makehuman, webtorrent
* less intensive shadow at light mimetypes

4.0.1 - added symlinks 1 year ago

* added nearly 200 symlinks
* bugfix at purple and teal light versions

Release 4.0 1 year ago

* redesigned mimetypes
* added apps: waterfox, riot, discord, pyload, stacer
* bugfixes

3.7 added new colors 1 year ago

* new folder colors: teal, purple
* new app icons: nulloy, slingscold, bluej

3.6 updated app icons 1 year ago

- veracrypt and visual studio code have been updated
- simplenote has been added
- miro has been removed

3.5 new and changed app icons 1 year ago

* added app icons: heimdall, tilix, guvcview
* changed app icons: gnome-photos, gnome-music, visual studio code, htop, terminal
* Bugfixes in theme files

3.4 integrated breeze actions, new app icons 1 year ago

* breeze action icons have been integrated
* new and redesigned app icons: Gravity Designer, Pithos, vocoscreen, kde-connect, roccat and some more

3.3 added aqua color variant 1 year ago

* aqua color variant has been added
* fixed some bugs
* added new apps: Mastodon web client
* new Firefox icon, based upon Firefox 57 logo

3.2 New apps and status icons 1 year ago

* New apps: Beebeep, Trimage, Dukto
* added some Ubuntu status icons
* bugfixes

Release 3.1 1 year ago

* new folder color: sand
* reworked file explorer
* new app icon: sayonara player
* fixed minor bugs

Version 3.0 1 year ago

* Added support for light themes
* Multiple folder colors
* Reworked some app icons (e.g. openstreetmap, trash)
* minor bugfixes

2.1.3 added a few missing app icons, redesigned gnome-tweak-tool icon 1 year ago

A few missing app icons like skypeforlinux or DeVeDeNG have been added.
Also an new icon for the gnome-tewak-tool has been created

2.1.2 updated image mimetypes and some apps 1 year ago

the mimetypes for images (jpg, png, etc..) have been reworked, also some app icons have been improved

2.1.1 bugfix and new icons for MATE desktops 1 year ago

fixed a bug in MATE desktop and added some MATE specific icons.

added gray folders 1 year ago

In addition to blue and green, you can now also choose gray colored folders

Release 2.0 1 year ago

Hundreds of new app icons have been added. The amount of app-icon-files has nearly doubled.
Some of the mimetypes have been reworked.

Added some Gnome and Arch / Manjaro stuff 2 years ago

A few more app icons have been added to support Gnome apps and some Arch specific applications.
Also a bug with black status icons has been fixed
Big thanks for the replies!!

Final Version 2 years ago

All mimetypes are completed now. Also added some new app icons (Gnome Boxes, Gnome Builder).

Improved KDE support 2 years ago

The support for KDE Plasma was improved and some more mimetypes have been added.

New mimetypes + green folders 2 years ago

new mimetypes have been added. You can now choose green folders (instead of blue). Just select "Obsidian-1-green"

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