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Have you missed the original Ubuntu 10.04 Ambiance theme? Now you can have it again! This theme is remade from Lucid to work with the MATE desktop environment in Ubuntu 16.04.2 (Xenial). It includes the taller menu buttons, shiny window controls and arrow maximize/minimize buttons. To use this theme, set the window control button positions to the left. This theme also comes with a *.crx theme for Chrome and Chromium that is designed to mesh well with this theme restoration. Radiance is coming later, as well as a version without the trough and one with fixes on a few bugs that have appeared. To install the theme, open Nemo. Go to /usr/share/themes and open it as root. In the superuser window, copy the folder "Ambiance Classic" into the themes folder. To install the Chromium theme, go to chrome://extensions and drag the *.crx file onto the page.

Disclaimer: I do not claim any ownership or credit for this theme, only the remake of it to make it compatible with MATE. It is (C) Copyright to the respective owners and/or creators.


1 year ago

Panels look white and blue con MATE 1.16.1 (gtk 3.20) on Debian Testing.




1 year ago

Update: After upgrading to Ubuntu 16.10, this only partially worked, so we're getting there for the 16.10 support, but not quite there yet. [Ubuntu 16.04.2 32-bit --> Ubuntu 16.10 32-bit, running MATE on both versions]


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