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GNOME-OSX-V-Traditional/ Gnome-OSX-traditional-light-menu and its No Transparency-versions
GNOME-OSX V-HSierra / Gnome-OSX-HSierra-light-menu and its no transparency versions
GNOME-OSX V-Space-grey and its no transparency version

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Made by paulxfce (alias Manjarocinnamonfan, paulubuntu).

Latest update:

New Update: 16/02/2018: Each theme has a non-transparent-version. Download one theme will extract 2 themes: the original and it No-Transparency counterpart
New Update: 04/02/2018: New variants of themes with light menu-backgrounds / Fix for Libre-Office ugly tab-button at the rightside.
New update: 30/01/2018: Smaller tabs and consequent button-sizes across all themes
New Update: 7/01/2018: redesigned the tabs, bugs fixes.
New Update: 12/12/2017: Fixed the maximized titlebar in Gnome-OSX-V-traditional.
New Update: 5/12/2017: uploaded correct versions
New Update: 4/12/2017: restore-button did not show in maximized-backdrop-state. Fixed it.
New update: 3/12/2017: Corrected infobar-button-colors, so they look normal (f.e. restore-empty buttons in the trash window of nautilus)
New Update: 3/12/2017: Corrected theme-parsing-errors
New Update: 1/12/2017: Main new feature: Transparent and rounded menus, added the High-Sierra-version, allot of polishing and finetuning
New update: 22:11:2017: Maximized titlebutton-issue in Chrome-browser solved; nautilus-redesign; hamburger-menu's-redesign; Synaptic-toolbar-issue solved;
New update:15/11/2017: Corrected bugs and inconsistencies.
New update: 26/10/2017: Solved bugs: undo-button is dark; contextmenu was not holding the intial font. Fixed that.
New: update: 19/10/2017: Added Space-grey-variant, GTK 3.26-ready, new Shell-theme. New font.
New update: 13/09/2017: Completely new theme
New update: 10/6/2017: Bug fixes
New update 14/5/2017: Compliant with gnome 3.24; smaller headerbar and buttons; removed redundant code; added Github-page
New update 16/02/2017
New update 12/2/2017
New Update: 11/2/2017
New Update 9/2/2017

This is a gnome-desktop-interpretation of Mac OSX. I've tried to implement the feel of OSX on the gnome-applications. In version 3.0 I've modernized it in every little detail. There is nothing (not a single item) that is not new. Resulting in a completely rewritten GTK.CSS-file four times bigger than the previous one, while the theme feels more responsive. I've also added a new dark theme (Space-grey) , so Terminal, Photo's, and Video's are automatically dark-themed.

Gnome-OSX-IV-Space-Grey is also available seperately. This has the benefit of GTK 2.0- theming also.
Added the HighSierra-variant too.
New: Traditional and HSierra come with a variant that uses light background for menu's. Useful for those with bad ( blueish )screens, since menu's tend to be blue instead of grey.

I've spend a great deal of time (3 months) and effort on this theme into fine-tuning it, so I hope you try before you judge !

Main features:

- Support for dark theme.(Space grey)
- Use of gradients and shadows to improve readability.
- Same theming across GTK2 and GTK3. (See screenshots).

Separate download for Shell-themes:
- New Shell-theme to complement the Space-grey-variant
- Shell theme with white dock and slighty dark top-bar
- Shell theme with dark dock and dark top-bar

The 'Extra'-file contains fonts and some backgrounds.

This theme is developed on gnome 3.20 and updated to 3.26
This only works on a gnome-desktop, no support for other desktop-environments.
It also works on Ubuntu 17.10

When, as such, theming does not look the way it should be: make sure you have installed the necessary theme-"engines":

- The gnome-themes-standard package,
- The murrine engine. This has different names depending on your distro.
gtk-engine-murrine (Arch Linux)
gtk2-engines-murrine (Debian, Ubuntu, elementary OS)
gtk-murrine-engine (Fedora)
gtk2-engine-murrine (openSUSE)
gtk-engines-murrine (Gentoo)


The latest gnome-distributions use Wayland (such as Ubuntu 17.10) instead of Xorg as the default compositor. This has the annoying problem that you can not install Synaptic Package Manager ( or at least it just does not show up, if you have). Why would I need Synaptic Package Manager? Because Ubuntu 17.10 does not support GTK2- applications properly, resulting in weird theming ). And you need some packages that are not present in the default 'Ubuntu Software'. How to solve this?

1. If you are in Ubuntu 17.10: log out, then, when you log back in under your username you have a settings-icon, choose Xorg in the drop-down list. This starts your session using Xorg as the compositor.
2. Open up Ubuntu Software and install Synaptic Package Manager.
3. When finished, fire up Synaptic Package Manager and install gtk2-engines-pixbuf (and its dependencies).
4. When finished, restart your computer.

This results in GTK 2 applications such as 'The Gimp' and 'Inkscape' to be themed properly.

sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-pixbuf is the terminal command, if you want the easy way.

On the subject: I personally use Xorg as the compositor because the color-picker (an important tool for graphical applications) does not work under Wayland. And I get to use the Synaptic Package Manager, which is (in my opinion ) better than the default Ubuntu Software. Next, under Wayland, Drop-down menus on GTK2-applications tend to remain visible even if you change applications, which is a very annoying bug. (at least in my set-up)

How to install:

First: Download the file; extract it; and you will find two themes. a version with transparency, another with NT (No Transparency); copy both files to a '.themes'-folder you make in your home directory.
Then use Tweak-tool to select the GTK and shell theme.
LOG OUT AND BACK IN for changes to take effect !

Second: This theme was set out to use Myriad Set Pro Semibold (12pt,scaling factor:1,00) as the interface-font. This font is easy to get. Just google it...

Third: OSX uses titlebuttons on the left-side:
To put the buttons to the left open a terminal:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences button-layout "close,minimize,maximize:"

To put the buttons back to the right in case you want to revert:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences button-layout ":minimize,maximize,close"

In Gnome 3.26 gnome-tweak has a option to change the position of the titlebuttons, so the above steps are not necessary.

The original version 2.6 remains available.
Last changelog:

Bugfixes and redesign of the tabs 2 months ago

Bugfixes and redesign of the tabs


2 months ago

Appart of what I said in the other threads, I'd like to give feedback and ideas for the themes.

First of all, thanks for the correction of that bug in Files and the improvement of the tabs. I just changed to Pop 2 days ago (I change themes all the time, moving from yours, United (Darker), Pop and then back to yours) when I saw the changes and thus, I'm back to Gnome-OSX-HSierra. Overall, it still looks great, and even better now than before when I have multiple tabs in Files of gedit. Thanks!

If I may do a remark, I like to use dark theme variants in different applications (Rhythmbox or Builder for example) but the Space Grey theme is simply not working in Builder. Most of the areas are still White. Here are a few screenshot:

Gnome Builder with all sidepanels:
Gnome Builder Preferences:

Also, if I may suggest, still on the SpaceGrey theme, you probably should add a little more color or vivid colors. For example, the swith buttons could turn blue when activated or use the same green you use in the regular theme. Similarly, the blue you use is a little dull or colourless (the exact word I'm looking for is the French word "terne"). You could use the same blue you use in the HSierra and Traditional themes. I made a little montage to see what it would look like:

Space Grey new blue:
Space Grey old vs new blue:

Sorry for the quality, it's the first time I've used Inkscape.

Finally, I have a question: do you know if it is possible to override the theme or part of the theme for specific applications? For example, I use Atom (snap) a lot when coding (I planned to switch to Builder when I'll start to learn Rust and GTK but that'll have to wait) with the Atom Material Theme which has a bright blue tab bar and I'd like to see if it would be possible to override the Theme to have the same color in the titlebar. Similarly, I'd like to see if it's possible to override the Terminal's titlebar theme to have the same black color I use for the background of my Terminal.



2 months ago

It seems I failed to put the correct links for the colour suggestion... Here are the correct ones:

Space Grey new blue:
Space Grey new vs old blue:



2 months ago

i agree with your suggestions re the accent color, which could be the same blue as the light version.
By the way, I've been looking for ages how to use dark themes for specific applications ... You say : " I like to use dark theme variants in different applications "
How do you do that ?



2 months ago

Some applications use dark themes (if available) by default. For example, eye of GNOME (Image viewer) or Totem (video player) use the Dark theme by default. I haven't found the exact list but that's how it works.

Some other apps have, in their settings, the option to change to use the Dark theme like Builder. It is also the case for Rhythmbox, if you use the Alternative Toolbar Plugin (the option is in the Plugin settings).

That's what I use. However, I read it was possible to change the specific theme of an application specifically by requiring it to load a specific theme. By using launching the app with "GTK_THEME=theme:variant app" instead of just "app" (with "app" being the name of the app you want to launch, "theme", the exact name of the theme (i.e. the name of the folder the theme is in(case sensitive)) and "variant", the name of the variant you want to use).

The name of a variant seems so be determined the name of a specific CSS file. In the theme folder, you will find different folders named "gtk-2.0", "gtk-3.0", "gnome-shell", "unity" depending of the theme type. Each of these contains a CSS file and an "assets" folder. For gtk themes, look for "gtk.css" in the folder "gtk 3.0". This CSS file gives the normal theme, the one you can choose in the Tweak Tool. In some cases, you will also find a second file, named "gtk-dark.css". This is used in case a theme uses the dark variant. It is called so by convention, since it is the name expected for app preferring dark themes. However, it is worth noting you could have anything as name for the CSS file like gtk-red.css, specifying the "red" variant. To launch an app with that variant, you would then type "GTK_THEME=theme:red app". It is also worth noting that if the "red" variant of the theme doesn't exist, it will default to the standard theme. For example, if you type GTK_THEME=theme:yellow app" but the gtk-yellow.css file doesn't exist, it will switch to the normal gtk.css file.

Also note that this is only based on personal experimentations and doesn't seem to work for electron apps like Atom or Harmony (I installed Harmony as a .deb to check if this wasn't due to the fact Atom was a Snap) nor does it work for gnome-terminal.

To make an application use the specified theme whenever you launch it, you will have to modify its .desktop file. Specifically, you need to modify the Exec line. Normally, it is written "Exec=app" and you need to modify it to "Exec=GTK_THEME=theme:variant app". Keep in mind that modifying .desktop files can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing (and I personally don't).

However, this means that each time you change your theme, you will need to modify each and every single one of the desktop files you previously changed.

Finally and unfortunately, I haven't found a way to impose a theme variant instead of a specific variant of a specific theme which would help us immensely since the setting would be kept across themes and ignored if a specific theme doesn't have the require variant.




2 months ago

As I've mentioned before in the comments below: The space-grey-variant is an almost exact copy of the colors that Garageband and Logic PRO uses. The slightly 'duller' blue (also part of the colortheme ) is there for a reason: it is less of a strain on the eyes than the standard (more vivid) blue because of the dark surrounding. Which, if you use it for a long time, becomes really annoying. Designers of the LogicPRO-interface have tested it thoroughly I believe.



2 months ago

Hello Paul,
thanks for updating the theme.
Unfortunately Skype Preview confirms the non-perfect integration of the grays in the window's title bar and I discovered another anomaly in the disc application in the drop-down menu on the top right, see example screen image: .gl / HAzljNIB29fRe9ld2.
This happens for menu items that are not active.
thank's for your job.



2 months ago

And also, that the dark theme title bar looks ugly, it should be black, and not grey (I think so).




2 months ago

The Space-grey is a gnome-interpretation of the Mac-OS-application Garageband and Logic-Pro. But apparently people's mindset about a dark theme is what they expect: completely dark. I will rethink this trough and perhaps build a new version.



2 months ago

The Space Grey theme is fine. It's your theme after all and you do what you want. However, I think most people (including me) thought more of the look of the macOS Photos app when they thought macOS dark theme. I think the best way to solve that would be to make a variant of the theme with the black headbar (like some people do with dark headbars on light theme). This should (according to my non-existent understanding of GTK theming) require a minimal amount of work.

That being said, the Space Grey theme still needs refinement. I'm especially thinking about the thick black lines appearing in some places (like the sidebar of Files or Rhythmbox). They are much more discreet in the High Sierra theme.

macOS Photos:
macOS Garageband:



2 months ago

i love the space-grey, especially because it is different from the usual almost-black dark themes :) It looks like metal.



2 months ago

There are some suggestions I have; I hope you were opened to suggestions. I don't like the blue transparency, and the focused button should be blue, as in Mac OS.




2 months ago

Backgrounds on menu's on a real mac (because of the translucent engine) are a washed-out version of the background-image. So they are never really white are grey. Unfortunately present GTK3 does not support true translucency yet. So I have to make do, with whatever there is available.The lightblue-gradient I use for the menu's is a design-choice. I feel this interprets the look.

Focused buttons is something I've been thinking about too. But my code is not using focused buttons, so I will have to review every button-code to make room for the focused state. This takes some time. But expect something in future versions.



2 months ago

Well... They did announce macOS like blur/translucency for GTK4. I quote: "blur effect for a translucent overlay over main content, like you see in various OS X apps." (from the GTK4 checklist). I would be implemented as a property of GtkOverlay (I'm not sure what this means since I counldn't 1identify what this exact widget was but I suspect it has something to do with menus).

So, be ready for that... I think with that we can also hope for a kind of translucency on sidebars (like the one in Files) or a lighter translucency on headbars (be it over window or background content). We might even see translucency effects on the Shell (translucent top panel or dock for example) but I'm not sure the Shell uses GTK, so it might be unrelated.



2 months ago

Hi, i noticed a bug in gnome photos - which uses space grey by default - when opening the search box : the background around the search box is transparent instead of, i suppose, dark gray. My comments are like everybody else's out of admiration for your work ;)



2 months ago




3 months ago

dear paulxfce,
I noticed another anomaly in the appearance of the Windows title bar (always in the traditional theme version, I do not know in others). This time it is the Skype Preview application, see link
in this case it happens both with normal and full screen window.
I mention it only to help make this extraordinary theme even more perfect.
thank you



3 months ago

Love the overall effect. Must have been lots of work. One item that seems odd to me is the button:active which is almost indistinguishable from inactive (a bit lighter). I have noticed in Finder that an active button is a lot darker (giving the idea of a button pressed into the surface) and tends to invert the text/image... I simulate the darker by darkening the button-active.png, but I don't know enough about pixmap to know if inversion is possible.



3 months ago


Thanks, under cinnamon 3.4.6 (ubuntu 17.10) the background of the desktop is grey/white and so mask any background picture you may set in.
the reason is that you set an image-background for .background class (line 108), and you should not !
you should put in other classes, not in that root level.




3 months ago

I'm a bit confused. In the latest (V-1-3-2) there is no image set as .background. Only a background-color, ( rgba(236,236,236,0.999) which is necessary to enable transparency.



3 months ago

Hello. Thanks for Gnome-OSX-V-Traditional.
Now, I've moved to a 4k monitor.
Under Fedora 27, the best view is given by 150% scaling under Wayland, which unfortunately has some glitches after a blank screen.
Reverting back to Xorg at native resolution, no zoom, makes fonts very tiny (default at 11 pts).
Increasing to 16pts makes it work, but the interface is ugly, menu icons are small, so it is the red dot as well.

Is it possible to perform a small modification of the theme in order to enlarge it at,150% of original format and preserve somehow correct spacing, at least in gkt3?




3 months ago

It is not as easy as it looks. Scaling in gnome is somewhat build in. But not without issues: Within this theme, many distances and sizes are set in px; which is fixed by default. This works fine with standard-resolutions. But look terrible, once you try to upscale, as it is in your case.

Next, Icon-size it something I cannot really control completely. So there are always some that remain small.

To get a decent result I would have to rewrite it from the ground up with the 150% increase in mind. Or I would have to rewrite it with using 'em' instead of 'px'. This 'em' is a relative-size-to-something (in this case the standard 'em'-size is 10px. ),but is not without issues either though.

To be frank: I'm not really equipped to address this. I have neither the expertise, nor the 4K-monitor to test it. I'm just a autodidact by trial and error. I'm not a developer, so I do not have full knowledge of GTK-theming.



2 months ago

Thank you for the answer. I've tried to modify the theme, converting all px to em in order to be scale consistent. However the final result does not seem to be actually better than the original.
Actually the default Adwaita theme works on hidpi when scaling the fonts alone, I must say.
The best policy for hidpi remains the one to work on full resolution, scale the fonts with gnome-tweak-tool (to 1.45 in my case) and to enjoy the new display.
A couple of programs should be tuned by hand (gimp, nedit) but otherwise all of gnome and kde will be fine.
In any case I am willing to test some beta release to 4k if needed.



3 months ago

Please, can you do do something with that annoying white square (on the right) in LibreOffice ?

See how other themes dealt with that.




3 months ago

Hi my friend,
I didn't ask you last time because I tried to figure it out by myself, but obviously this didn't lead to any success, so the question is the following : what is the difference/s between "Traditional" theme and "High Sierra" one? I can't figure it out, or I may be really blind at this point... :(





3 months ago

Originally I developed Gnome-OSX and Gn-OSX-HighSierra as different themes. (and they were more different than now)

Now they are put together under one name: Gnome-osx. So I named the original Gnome-OSX to Gnome-OSX Traditional.

The differences are basically colors: the headerbar and titlebar are darker (and have more bulkiness because of the gradient-colors) in Gnome-OSX-traditional. Gnome-OSX-HighSierra has a flatter and lighter color-pallet in the headerbar-background, buttons and menu-titlebar.


Bugfixes and redesign of the tabs 2 months ago

Bugfixes and redesign of the tabs

Corrected maximized window in Traditional-version 3 months ago

Corrected maximized window in Traditional-version

Re-added Shell themes 3 months ago

Re-added shell themes

Uploaded correct versions 3 months ago

Accidentally uploaded older versions

Fixed restore-titlebutton in maximized-backdrop-state 3 months ago

Fixed restore-titlebutton in maximized-backdrop-state

Corrected the infobar-colors 3 months ago

Restore and empty buttons where incorrect on some gnome-versions. Corrected them.

Corrected theme parsing errors 3 months ago

Corrected theme parsing errors

Transparency and new theme 3 months ago

Introduced transparent and rounded menus
High-Sierra version added

More transparency, nautilus-redesign, chrome-browser-issue and synaptic-issue solved 4 months ago

- Maximized titlebutton issue in chrome-browser (when using its own titlebar) is solved (created restore-buttons)
- The searchbar in nautilus is redesigned (removed the background)
- Hamburger-menus are redesigned (more transparency, lighter hover-color)
- When hovering over menu-items the blue color is a gradient, instead of a flat color.
- Sidebar of nautilus is transparent.
- Synaptic -package-manager-toolbar-color-ssue is fixed.

Corrected Bugs-release 4 months ago

Solved bugs and inconsistencies

Bugs solved 4 months ago

fixed contextmenu not holding font
Fixed UNDO-button not showing dark background

Solved problem dark toolbar buttons in libre-office 5 months ago

Solved problem dark active toolbar buttons in libre-office in the light version. Tanks to Tpypts for pointing it out.

Version IV 5 months ago

Gnome 3.26 ready, New variant: Space-Grey

Version 3.0 6 months ago

New version

Added a github-link 10 months ago

Files are now available at my github

Update to gnome 3.24 10 months ago

Updated the theme to work with the latest gnome.
Headerbar and buttons are a bit smaller.
Redesigned the window-decoration and shadows to address issues
Removed redundant code.

Solution for nautilus-menu-disabled-items -theming. New sidebar background 1 year ago

Solution for nautilus-menu-disabled-items -theming. New sidebar background
Thanks Gelonek for finding the bug. I appreciate the feedback!

Added a theme-version with no transparent sidebar (NT) 1 year ago

At request: a version with no transparency set for the nautilus sidebar.

Window resize area reduced 1 year ago

'Melk' pointed out to the problem of the large area the resizing cursor takes before the pointer focusses on the other items on the desktop. He is absolutely right. The margin was set to 10px. Which is wrong. I now reduced the margin-size to 3px. I re-uploaded a correct version (an update again...) 2.4.

System-log errors corrected 1 year ago

Autocrosser1 pointed out that the theme created 'log-flooding', which pointed to colors not defined properly. Updated the download-file with a corrected version 2.3

Refining theme 1 year ago

-fixed the round button on sliders not showing a border
-made new check-and radio buttons
-harmonized the size and spacing of check-and radio buttons across GTK2- and GTK- applications
-removed the dotted inner box that showed the focus-button, because it was ugly...
- harmonized the line-color and depth beneath the headerbar or menubar across GTK2 and GTK3
-Blurred background remains even in maximized window-state
-removed the dotted line that appears at the top or bottom when scrolling trough lenghty lists (overshoot and undershoot)
reduced the default button-height to 20px, thereby making the buttons smaller in GTK3

Side-bar 1 year ago

New Side-bar solution: using blurred background, instead of transparent color

Version 2 1 year ago

Major changes in this theme:
- lighter theme, with rounded buttons
- transparent sidebar with bolded text-elements (just like mac-osx-finder)
- elevated and rounded buttons
- exclusion of original unfocused window theming: only title-buttons are greyed out
- overall fine-tuning

product-maker jonsnow Feb 26 2018

product-maker diglam Feb 25 2018

Thank you for your good job. Space Grey is my daily use theme. It has some problems with gtk2 (like tab headers,...), i hope you may have time to deal that problems.

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Very nice work. This is my default theme.

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Great! theme, the repository on GitHub is missing to support the development of this xD

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very nice, looking forward to the Gnome Pro updates. Keep up the good work

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Very nice theme. It doesn't show the maximize button for Google Chrome, but a lot of themes seem to have that problem. Hopefully that's fixed in a future update.

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It's very nice,thank you!

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very good

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This is theme very beautiful and really well done. Everything works perfectly on Ubuntu 17.10 Gnome 3.26. I appreciate the hard work and attention to detail that must have gone into creating this theme. Thank you.

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This is really really slick mate, well done.

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Greatest, works well on gnome 3.26

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Best Theme

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