Clean Rings V2 and V3 4 or 6 cpu versions


Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):

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Conky Clean Rings V2
Well, It was time to update a favorite of mine...I increased the Info and cleaned a few other things.

Once again it was time to revisit some of my older Conkys & clean up/modernize set for 6 CPU...So here is V3

I would like to acknowledge the following authors in providing the material to create this Conky:

Yirt for some of the code in Conky CPU-MEM-NET:
Hardba11 for code from Conky_Grey Blue Variation:

I borrowed and changed from both + tidbits from many other sources to create Clean Rings---THANK ALL OF YOU!!!

You are free to change/modify/use any of these sources - just give me some credit :)

Everything "should" line up--If not, edit as you want....

To install just move or copy the " .conky " hidden folder to your user/home folder!

Included are the Conky, Lua script, startup script and the fonts needed.

Have Fun!!!!
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