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This is a gmusicbrowser layout I've been playing with, it allows you to toggle any combination of four panels. Song List, Directory List, Tabs (Playlists, Albums, Artists, etc), and Queue. You can also toggle the Menubar and Statusbar for a really minimal appearance. The Simplyer layout here on the site made by CruelAngel served as the initial base for this.


The download includes the layout and icons. These items belong in the following folders (if they don't exist, just create them):

VictorySlim.layout > /home/USERNAME/.config/gmusicbrowser/layouts/
victory-slim-icons folder > /home/USERNAME/.config/gmusicbrowser/icons

The icon folder included provides the icons for the buttons to the right of the playback slider: Menu button, Shuffle, and Volume. Gmusic browser uses the system theme for the icons to the left (Previous, Play/Pause, Next).


The system theme and icon theme used in the pictures can be found here:

Victory Icon Theme:
Victory Gtk Theme:


Let me know if there are any problems. Please note sometimes when toggling the panels they get stuck to each other, so make sure you adjust the dividers, which sometimes can be pushed to the very bottom of the theme (like 1 pixel away from resizing the window itself).

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