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Actually I made this theme for alternative how get "Ambiance" mood like at "Unity" Desktop.
However this theme (base script) based on Arc-Theme :)
I know......maybe it's not perfect like "Real Ambiance" theme by default but you can try it before judge me :D

Almost all images is borrowed from Ambiance-Dark and Arc-Theme.
This theme testing on Gnome Desktop (GTK-3.24+) and Xfce Desktop (GTK-2.0), So far.....So good :)

Available packages:
-- Gnome Shell default by Ambiance-Dark Theme but (with some tweaks) by me eg "Dash looking, Panel" etc etc.
-- xfwm4 same as look like in gnome
-- Metacity inspired by Arc if you like this theme, thanks!!
Update 6 October 2017 :
Minor update for "Tooltip" background GTK-3.0/GTK-2.0
Next update is Gnome-Shell theme, So.....stay tuned and wait :)
Update 11 October 2017 :
-- Window buttons control changed to look like default "Ambiance" Theme
-- Gnome-Shell to fix calendar area, System menu action (Power Button/End Session) hover now use red color, Also on the result area when you search some applications and many more :)
Update, 26 October 2017 :
--> Removed indicator "Scrollbar-Slider" on Nautilus sidebar GTK-3
--> Reduced size entry overview Gnome-Shell


25 days ago

@TomFrost thanks for your feedback....I'll updated as soon as possible when iam done update Gnome Shell to version 3.25.1. So....stay tuned :)



1 month ago

I really like your Arc-Ambiance theme, but it has an issue that lots of gtk themes have: on Ubuntu Budgie, when you type the name of an application in the menu in order to find it, empty lines are covered in black, that is a little bit annoying! See what I mean here:


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