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Actually I made this theme for alternative how to get "Ambiance" mood like at "Unity" Desktop.
However this theme (base script) based on Arc-Theme :)
I know......maybe it's not perfect like "Real Ambiance" theme by default, But you can try it before judge me :D
This theme testing on Ubuntu Gnome Desktop 17.04.1 and Xfce Desktop (GTK-2.0), So far.....So good :)

## Available Packages:
-- Gnome Shell theme
-- Xfwm4 theme
-- Metacity Theme if you like this theme, thanks!!
## Update, 11 February 2018 :
-- New looking forward and better than before
-- Gnome Shell based on Vanilla GTK-3.26.2 version
-- Fixed bug on the selection text color
## Update, 10 March 2018 :
-- New looking "Sidebar Nautilus" file-manager (Mac OS 11) style :)
please look at the end screenshot sections for more detail.
Please tell me if you found some bug on this theme, However this is not yet final version.
I'll update it as soon as possible in the future, So....every feedback is important for me.
Thanks :)
## Donations :
Thanks for your donations!


2 months ago

@TomFrost thanks for your feedback....I'll updated as soon as possible when iam done update Gnome Shell to version 3.25.1. So....stay tuned :)



4 months ago

I really like your Arc-Ambiance theme, but it has an issue that lots of gtk themes have: on Ubuntu Budgie, when you type the name of an application in the menu in order to find it, empty lines are covered in black, that is a little bit annoying! See what I mean here:


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