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This program is used to save/restore/align the Ubuntu and Mint Desktop icons positions when Nautilus, Nemo, or Caja is managing the desktop. I made this script so that I could easily restore icon positions on the Ubuntu desktop. The script also allows you to align icons to a user definable grid.
I have tested it with the 64 bit versions of the following:
Ubuntu 14.04 with Nautilus
Ubuntu 16.04 with Nautilus
Mint 18.1 Cinnamon with Nemo
Mint 18.2 Cinnamon with Nemo
Mint 18.2 Mate with Caja

Requirements (all are included with the default Ubuntu and Mint installations):
Nautilus, Nemo or Caja is your file manager
gvfs-info (which is used by Nautilus, Nemo & Caja to store icon positions)
bash, zenity, gsettings, xprop, sed, grep, awk, xdg-mime

Note: xdotool which was required in version 1 is no longer required.

Install Instructions: Copy all the files to your bin or Nautilus scripts directory (or sub-directories). Make executable and run the script.


1 month ago

On Ubuntu 18.04 runs pretty well. I cannot see though an option to automatically order the icons to the grid.



4 months ago

For current debian testing (buster), command "gvfs-info" has been deprecated:
Please, make modification for you script with using "gio info" instead "gvfs-info".



5 months ago

just tried this as i'm very anxious to find a way to key icons tidy on the desktop. after installation i just get a dialog box saying that 'Only Nautilus, Nemo and Caja file managers are supported!' got the same message in caja and nautilus. i'm running ubuntu studio 18.04 and mate 1.20.1.



6 months ago

Liking this a lot now, but would suggest simplifying things to make it nice & slick:-

Change initial menu to offer only 3 things:

1) Align desktop icons to grid
2) Set grid (number of H/V icons on desktop)
3) Go to programmer's showcase version of 'Happy Desktop'

where 3) is your current version. I'm pretty new to Ubuntu, but admire the way you show off techniques for doing things, though it kind of pulls things in 2 different directions.

Lastly, looks 200% better with nice, shiny, glossy icon for 'Happy Desktop' rather than your current offering and with a name like 'Arrange Icons' looks lovely on my desktop - would like to post pic but I'm new to opendesktop & don't know if possible.

(my last post still stands, it's a problem that wants fixed)



6 months ago

I had trouble with icon positions not refreshing until system restart.
Tracked it down to "the move operation forces a desktop refresh" section does not work if not owner & unable to create the /var/tmp/Desktop directory (e.g. if not logged in as root).
Changing this directory to one I have r/w access to solves things.



10 months ago

There is a bug in Linux Mint 18.3 cinnamon which causes the "system icons" to be overlaid one atop another during boot-up, login, or whenever an icon is added to the desktop (via mounting a device or otherwise). The "solution" is to right-click on the desktop, then click "Desktop > By Name" (which properly aligns the system icons), then run "Happy Desktop > Restore Icon Positions" to restore the rest of your desktop layout.


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