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Space-Grey FV

This theme is derived from my original Space-Grey version of Gn-OSX.

I was experimenting with rounded windows and CSS-written titlebuttons, and, well, it looks great!
So why not share this...

The requirements and howto install. This is explained in full in my other themes. The same apply here.

Please try, before commenting or rating.

So, what are your thoughts on rounded windows?


3 months ago

This one is more from the PAULXFCE, it's also really great! Thank you so much for more this work.
I just have a issue about the combobox, I'm a everyday user of this theme and right now writing in this text area object, this theme is not very readable. Some cases we can't see what we are writing in forms elements. Its just one thing to be perfect to me.



4 months ago

I really prefer your original Space-Grey version way better.
The new border around the window, adds an unnecessary visual complexity, and i personaly feel that the rounded corners are hard to match with the cornered interior of the window itself.
Feels rather weird/uncommon, along with the squareish min-max-close buttons, which i'd prefer to be round again.
Don't get me wrong, i love your work.
I use Space-Grey as my daily driver, and it's the most beautiful and professional theme i've ever seen/used.
All the above is just my humble opinion.
Thanks a million, for all the effort and time you put into creating your themes!
Please know that your work is one of the very best out there. :)
Also, a great thanks for keep experimenting!
Kind regards!




4 months ago

True, the theme I used for this experiment with rounded windows is not really optimized to make the rounded effect more useful. And the titlebuttons are just a plaything, written in CSS without using an image. But thanks for the opinion.


product-maker vistaus Nov 03 2017

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