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The BeiTanbro look is back. The reason this theme started is highly due to sunlight and the fact many people originally thought I could not do light themes. Sure, I am not a severe genius by any means with themeing, but by all means, who really is? First time, I tried this I blew it as came out nowhere near what my original intention was. This time, I am proud to say looks good and I am using it a lot more than I ever did in the past. Something about it, just seems to work, so I will just have to go with it.

Once again, I am hoping this will satisfy all that love this color. This is another zip that comes with 2 themes. One for Flashback and other for Cinnamon. I believe all I have been done for Cinnamon will also work on Mate, but have not tested there, so by all means let me know. Personally, all my devices only use Flashback and Cinnamon. Once in a while LXDE but not as much as I used to. Anyway, file size is still low as all my themes are running the same script as the Cyana's, which shows that type is easier to deal with. My intention remains the same as to have a totally functional and beautiful theme that does not lag system boots. So as all the other themes, all of them will look the same on whatever device you may use. A lot of ingenuity has been used to do everything you see in the pictures. I can only say that I am proud I could do all this and hope that will remain for the rest of my years.

As with Cyana a huge reduction in pictures as everything besides titlebar/headerbar is covered in the scripts. There are a few things that I cover, that others do not so do not be swayed by the smaller file size. Everything that can possibly work does and I believe is the main functionality of any theme. I do not cover things that don't work. So rest assured every single line does something and is just not there for looks. I hope you will enjoy this as much as I do, or just find one you really love as I only intend to cover those that enjoy this type of look. I plan to never go back to the 1995 looks! Is the future and at 54yrs old, I firmly accept and embrace it. The good ole days are gone and have been replaced with greater times and the beauty of technology. I love all devices, everything has its purpose and for that I also thank all those that have been responsible. Same still goes for all developers. Thanks for downloading/viewing and hope you find everything you want and need.
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