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::: Installation :::

1) Extract and put Carapace in either ~.themes/ or ~.local/share/themes/
2) Select Carapace from Gnome Tweak Tool

::: Required Extensions :::

- User themes: [ ]
- Dash to Dock: [ ]

::: Useful Extensions :::

- OpenWeather: [ ]
-- Because while the Gnome weather-program is cool, your location might not be there.

- Mconnect: [ ]
-- Any KDE Connect user needs this :-D

- Custom Corner: [ ]
-- Creates more freedom

::: NOT Recommended Extensions :::

- Carapace has a built-in responsive panel. So an panel-altering extension is not needed, and for the full experience not recommended whatsoever.

::: About :::

I have been trying to take as much advantage of the different states of gnome-shell as possible, my wish and attempt has been to make the desktop diverse and alive.

There are four colors in this theme;
[blue] is the hover-color
[green] indicates something which is focused/checked/selected/Active, using arrow-keys works fine - pressing Enter will execute
[yellow] wants you to pay attention to something
[red] tells you that you are about to end something

I have spent almost three months tinkering on this theme. I was hoping to have it ready as an xmas-upload, but I always find new things to redesign.

I suppose I can share this as a belated welcome-back-to-Gnome-Ubuntu-Celebration-upload :-D

::: Known Issues :::

Gnome-Shell seems to, at the moment, have issues with panel icon shadows when switching between normal and solid panel modes. This happens regardless of theme or active extensions. Switching workspace or clicking a panel-button updates the icon shadows.

::: :::

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