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A half-light Gtk3.22 theme. Contains a gtk2 and a gtk 3 theme. Suitable for all desktops that use Gtk 3 from version 3.22.
For example: XFCE4, Mate, Gnome, LXCE, Budgie and and and.
Also suitable as Gtk theme for Qt systems. (KDE plasma, LXQT)
A matching window bar for XFCE4 is also included.
!!! Attention not for systems up to Gtk 3.18 !!!!

Ein halb helles Gtk3.22 Thema. Enthält ein gtk2 und ein gtk 3 Thema. Geeignelt für alle Desktops die Gtk 3 ab Version 3.22 verwenden.
Zum Beispiel: XFCE4, Mate, Gnome, LXCE, Budgie und und und.
Auch als Gtk Thema für Qt Systeme geignet. (KDE Plasma, LXQT)
Eine pasende Fensterleiste für XFCE4 ist auch enthalten.
!!! Achtung nicht für Systeme bis Gtk 3.18 !!!!


3 months ago

Nice, very nice!
Thank you, OlliFri for your artistic but functional themes! Maybe you are the first who breaks stupid Windows8-10 flat standart occupied computers and minds. Many psychologists say that primitive flat graphics is good only for children 2-5 years old and mentally retarded people.



4 months ago

How to be tactful ....

OK, I really do like the colors. But the truth is your overuse of gradients, both in number of items with gradients, and in the level of the gradients, makes your themes rather ugly IMO. I always check out your themes, but always remove them because they are just too OVER THE TOP. So, I finally decided to to mention it. If this theme was flat, or had only a slight gradient in the toolbar, it would be wonderful... but even the text entry boxes are gradients... Sorry man, but it just makes them gauche.




4 months ago

Nice that somebody says something. Even if it is criticism, it still helps.
Yes, so different are the tastes.
For me, a just plain window design is a throwback to the 1980s.
Now we have fast computers with fast graphics cards. And the standard Desktop's are flat again, flatter, even flatter is not.
I've been asking the question over and over again in recent years, they're too lazy, they can not do that, or warung these super simple and smooth surfaces.
But it seems that the users want it that way. For me, that's what he is for the smartphone, not for a desktop.
But OK, I'll just remove the gradients and upload the topics under a different name.
Is not work fell for me.


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