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Carapace Ardent is a bright and spacious theme with some candy for the eyes. It is a bright version of my previous theme, Carapace.
The panel is dynamic, when it switches between transparent and solid the colors of text and icons changes too.

I have kept the overview dark which creates a nice contrast from the rest of the desktop.

The hover and focus -colors are the same as in Carapace: Blue for hover, Green for focus, Yellow for attention and Red for critical attention.

::: Installation :::

- Extract Carapace-Ardent in ~.themes or ~.local/share/themes
- Start/restart Gnome Tweak Tool and pick the theme

::: ! Not recommended Extensions :::

- Any panel altering extension. This theme has built in dynamic panel.

::: Required Extensions :::

- User Themes
- Dash to Dock

::: Useful Extensions :::

- OpenWeather: [ ]
-- Because while the Gnome weather-program is cool, your location might not be there.

- Mconnect: [ ]
-- Any KDE Connect user needs this :-D

- Custom Corner: [ ]
-- Creates more freedom

- Blyr: [ ]
-- Adds blurred background for the Overview

Enjoy and rate it up if you like my work!

Cheers :-)
Last changelog:

| 2018.03.10 | 11 days ago

* Added a bar for the Dash-indicators

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| 2018.03.10 | 11 days ago

* Added a bar for the Dash-indicators

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