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Carapace Ardent is a bright and spacious theme with some candy for the eyes. It is a bright version of my previous theme, Carapace.
The panel is dynamic, when it switches between transparent and solid the colors of text and icons changes too. Just like Carapace, Carapace Ardent is using the font Lato.

If you don't yet have Lato search for "ttf-google-fonts-typewolf" in your package manager or go to: ... Or just get it here.
-- If you download it then extract the archive in: ~/.local/share/fonts

I have kept the overview dark which creates a nice contrast from the rest of the desktop.

The hover and focus -colors are the same as in Carapace: Blue for hover, Green for focus, Yellow for attention and Red for critical attention.

Note: There are two variants available. One with the Slim Dock, which Carapace has had from the start, and a new Pantheon-ish Dock.

::: Installation :::

Method 1)
- Extract Carapace-Ardent in ~/.themes or ~/.local/share/themes
- Start/restart Gnome Tweak Tool and pick the theme

Method 2)
- Open the arcive straight from Tweak Tool. It'll do the work for you.

::: Required Extensions :::

- User themes
- Dash to Dock

::: Useful Extensions :::

- OpenWeather
-- Because while the Gnome weather-program is cool, your location might not be there.

- Mconnect
-- Any KDE Connect user needs this :-D

- Custom Corner
-- Creates more freedom

- Blyr
-- Adds blurred background for the Overview

::: NOT Recommended Extensions :::

- Carapace has a built-in responsive panel. So an panel-altering extension is not needed, and for the full experience not recommended whatsoever.

::: Other than that :::

- Have fun and rate it up if you like my work... Or Pling me... Or buy me a cup of coffee:

Last changelog:

| 2018.11.12 | 6 days ago

*worked on Overview
* Fixed progam titles in the dock. They were dark, now they are bright again :-)
* Worked on Task Switcher
* Did some tuning of borders in the panel


1 month ago




4 months ago




6 months ago

Love the theme, thanks for the effort, awesome work, I just need to change the top bar and menus to white to fit with my modify applications theme but I have no clue how do it.




5 months ago

Do you mean the top-bar when the program-window is unmaximized or maximized?



6 months ago

I love this theme. I have been looking for a professional yet colorful white shell theme to match Adwaita for so long. I have finally found this great theme! Thank you for your awesome work!




5 months ago

:-D Thank you so much for that kind comment :-)


| 2018.11.12 | 6 days ago

*worked on Overview
* Fixed progam titles in the dock. They were dark, now they are bright again :-)
* Worked on Task Switcher
* Did some tuning of borders in the panel

| 2018.11.10 | 9 days ago

Pretty excited about this update. Been working on the following:
* shades
* Overview
* Totally remade the dock. It also now has new types of indicators for running programs - The more windows the wider the indicator gets.
I personally think it's sexy as hell :-D
* Also, renamed the theme variants so you can easily switch between the variants you install

| 2018.11.09 | 9 days ago

* Optimized code
* Tweaked some shades and font-sizes
* Removed the border in the Overview (because it created weird gaps in the corners)
* Trying out a more Pantheon-style look for the dock

Will continue polishing so make sure to check back for future updates :-)


| 03.10.2018 (c) | 1 month ago

Yet another update... It is apparently update-frenzy-day today, haha :-D But now I am done for today - Swear :-)

* Fixed the volume and brightness -sliders in the system menu.

Also included from previous updates today:

* Adjusted font weights and sizes
* Gave Overview a slightly rounded radius
* Replaced some graphical elements for retina displays

| 03.10.2018 (b) | 1 month ago

A quick correction of previous update: Adjusted the color of the Gnome Foot in solid panel mode.

The rest is the same as previous update:
* Adjusted font sizes and weights
* Changed some graphics for retina displays
* Given the overview a slight curved radius


| 03.10.2018 | 1 month ago

* Adjusted font sizes and weights
* Updated some graphics for retina displays
* Overview has a slightly rounded radius

| 12.06.2018 | 5 months ago

- Carapace Ardent is now using Lato as the first choice of font

| 2018.03.10 | 8 months ago

* Added a bar for the Dash-indicators

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