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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on opencode.net


Template - DVD label for openSUSE, all versions, all CPU types.

The included GIMP native XCF file is designed to make updating the label's version number quick, easy, and professional-looking for all CPU types (listed on the label). Use the included AMD logos or add your own for any CPU.

This label does not have a black background. The black is in the preview image to show the outer edge of the label.

This openSUSE DVD label is intended to be printed at 600 dpi with a full bleed on a paper disc label.

The intended label for this image to be printed on is the US letter size Fellowes NEATO USCD2lbl.NTT, using the included gLabels Template for the fabulous program gLabels.

This image can also be used on any other label, made by any company.

This image can also be used without the full bleed if your program automatically scales the image, or if you scale it manually. gLabels will scale the image manually to fit any disc label template.

For those who are not familiar with the term "full bleed", it means the image extends beyond the physical border of the printed media: in this case in the grey area around the NEATO label. I chose to do this because it looks more professional when the image is visible all the way to the outer edge of the paper label, and there is no white border.

Instructions for the included gLabels Template:
1. In your Home directory (e.g. as in "/home/john") create a directory named ".glabels" (don't use the quote in the directory name, and the period before the word "glabels" is required).
2. Place the file "Fellowes NEATO USCD2lbl.NTT - Disc face only, full bleed.template" in your newly created .glabels directory.

Now when you use gLabels, you will have access to the newly installed template.

gLabels is available at:

GIMP (the GNU Image Processor) is available at:

Keywords: DVD label, DVD cover, disc label, disc cover, SUSE, openSUSE
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