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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):

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A GTK theme with a vintage scrollbars, inspired by Absolute, based on Adwaita.
Supported desktop environments: GNOME, XFCE.


- Download and extract theme archive matching your desktop environment name/version;
- Copy Lounge-aux folder to /usr/share/icons or ~/.icons (optionally);
- Copy other Lounge folders to /usr/share/themes or ~/.themes;
- Set them as GTK and icon theme.

If you want to try other variants - download source archive and follow building instructions in Readme file (you could also read it on github).

Fedora (default variant, first image in gallery):
sudo dnf copr enable monday15/lounge

sudo dnf install lounge-gtk-theme

or (for xfce/sway users):
sudo dnf install lounge-gtk-theme-xfce-sway

Ubuntu (default variant, first image in gallery):
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:monday15/lounge

sudo apt install lounge-gtk-theme

or (for xfce/sway users):
sudo apt install lounge-gtk-theme-xfce-sway

Flatpak apps support available via Flathub:
flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

flatpak install flathub org.gtk.Gtk3theme.Lounge

flatpak install flathub org.gtk.Gtk3theme.Lounge-night

flatpak install flathub org.gtk.Gtk3theme.Lounge-compact

flatpak install flathub org.gtk.Gtk3theme.Lounge-night-compact

If you want to use the theme built with custom options for flatpak apps, you can install default flatpak package and copy files from you variant of the theme to flatpak folder. Default location for flatpak packages is /var/lib/flatpak/..., full command will look something like
sudo cp -r /usr/share/themes/Lounge/gtk-3.0/* /var/lib/flatpak/runtime/org.gtk.Gtk3theme.Lounge/x86_64/3.22/active/files/

Note, that flatpak supports only gtk3 themes.
Last changelog:

1.24 1 year ago

shell: Added scale_style option for shell theme;
shell: Minor fix;
gtk3: Several fixes.



2 years ago

9 +



2 years ago

Looks like a reincarnation of absolute gtk theme. Back in the days I loved it!


1.24 1 year ago

shell: Added scale_style option for shell theme;
shell: Minor fix;
gtk3: Several fixes.

1.23 1 year ago

shell: Fixed color in popup-menus;
shell: Reverted shadow on window-close button;
gtk3: Added styles for Inkscape 1.0 (Fixed scales in light theme);
gtk3: Added styles for Fractal (Fixed avatar color in selected room);
gtk3: Several fixes.

1.22 1 year ago

gtk3: Added style for Builder (search widgets fixes);
gtk3: Added style for Foliate (+/- buttons alignment in popover);
gtk3: Improved LibreOffice scrollbar drawing;
gtk3: Tooltip background color adjustemnt;
gtk3: Simplified selection-mode;
gtk3: Fixed banner buttons in Lollypop 1.2.3+;
gtk3: Several other fixes;
xfce: Added light panel for a light theme;
xfce: Workspace switcher adjustemnts.

1.21.1 1 year ago

gtk3: Fix missing check asset in selection-mode (all variants was affected).

1.21 1 year ago

general: Added color variants;
general: Added flat/non-flat variants;
general: Added other build opions;
general: Massive style and assets update;
shell: Added support for gnome-shell 3.34.

1.20 1 year ago

general: Added non-compact theme;
gtk3/gtk2/shell: Several fixes;
gtk3: New style for infobars.

1.19 1 year ago

shell: Fixed bug #10;
gtk2: Tabs style updated to match gtk3 theme;
gtk3: Added Epiphany style;
gtk3: Several fixes;
xfwm: Minor fix.

1.18 2 years ago

Added ppa for Ubuntu;
general: Minor build optimization;
gtk3: Several fixes.

1,17 2 years ago

general: Build optimized, now creates single gtk-3.0 folder.
icons: Restyled maximize/restore icons;
xfwm4: Restyled maximize/restore icons;
shell: One fix;
gtk3: Several fixes;
xfce: Several fixes.

1.16 2 years ago

gtk3/shell: GNOME 3.32 adjustments;
gtk3: Minor fixes;
shell: Minor fixes;
gtk2: New meson option for solid border menus;
xfce: Added Thunar gtk2 style;
xfce: Minor fixes.

1.15 2 years ago

gtk3/shell: Added Gnome 3.32 support;
gtk3: Synced with gtk 3.24.5 changes;
gtk3: Minor fixes;
xfce: Minor fix;
shell: Minor fixes.

1.14 2 years ago

gtk2/gtk3: Better indication for active notebook tabs and menubar items;
gtk3: Fixed bugs with "jumping" scales in fine-tune mode;
gtk3: Added Geary style (for version 0.13+);
gtk3: Minor fixes;
xfce: Minor fix;
shell: Minor fixes.

1.13 2 years ago

Many xfce improvements;
gtk3: Undershoot indicators dropped;
gtk3: Minor fixes;
shell: Minor fix.

1.12 2 years ago

general: Added xfce support;
gtk2/gtk3: Added styles for xfce panel, applications, plugins;
gtk3: Sidebar color adjustments;
gtk3: Nautilus backdrop state small fixes;
gtk3: Fixed indication for selected tab in LibreOffice's notebookbar;
shell: Fixed openweather extension drawing issues.

Lounge-gtk-theme 1.11 2 years ago

* shell: Dropped dark variant of theme;
* shell: Dark border color;
* shell: Added shadows for widgets (menus, appswitcher);
* shell: Restyled system menu action buttons;
* shell: Tweaked corner-ripple assets;
* gtk3: Text-select assets improved (for touchscreens);
* gtk3: Restyled selection-mode asssets;
* gtk3: Dropped active/hover states for selection-mode assets;
* gtk3: Darker osd button borders in light theme;
* gtk3: Osd scale slider adjustment;
* gtk3: Osd color/borders adjustment in dark theme;
* gtk3: Selection-mode headerbar tweaks;
* gtk3: Drop Fractal workaround;
* gtk3: Add Gnome-todo style (small fix);
* gtk3: Fixed unmount icon color in Nautilus 3.30+;
* gtk3: Fixed acceleditor text color in light theme;
* gtk3: Fixed linked elements drawing in popover menus;
* gtk3: Fixed backdrop title color in selection-mode;
* gtk2: Restyled tabs for qt5 gtk2 engine compability;
* gtk3/shell: Various small fixes.

Lounge-gtk-theme 1.10 2 years ago

* general: Flatpak support added;
* general: Build now requires meson 0.45+ version;
* general: Some build improvments;
* shell: Test variant of dark theme added (Lounge-night), may be removed later;
* shell: Workspace pager adjustments;
* gtk3: Osd buttons transparency toned down for light theme;
* gtk3: Osd borders color adjustment for light theme;
* gtk3: Fixed color of progressbar inside entry
(Epiphany page loading bar);
* gtk3: Fixed colorswatch border color on selected rows;
* gtk3: Fixed size of text-select assets;
* gtk3: Added Firefox workaround to use dark selection color,
additional firefox tweaks no longer required.
* gtk3: Removed backdrop style for most of widgets,
for better usability, especially in tiled windows;
* gtk3: Removed window shadows for tiled windows;
* gtk3/shell: Various small fixes.

Lounge-gtk-theme 1.9 2 years ago

* general: Implemented flatpak support
(waiting for flathub team's approval);
* general: Merged lounge-aux icons;
* gtk3: Remove separator in headerbars
(window controls and appmenu);
* gtk3: Increased osd buttons opacity for light theme;
* gtk3: Removed firefox menu border workaround
(improvement for firefox-wayland);
* shell: Reduced menu paddings;
* shell: Restyled running app indicators;
* shell: Restyled app-view page indicators;
* shell: Dash color tweak, remove dash border;
* shell: Colors adjustment;
* shell: Calendar/notifications list padding reduced;
* shell: Fixed fallback album icon size;
* shell: Checkboxes restyled;
* shell: Updated assets;
* shell: Various small fixes.

Lounge-gtk-theme 1.8 2 years ago

* shell: User can now select font used by shell theme;
* gtk3/gtk2: Context menu active menuitem adjustment
(faster focus, better usability);
* gtk3: Add Chrome/Chromium style
(fixed barely visible colored buttons
and selected adressbar border);
* gtk3: Fixed selected text color in Evince;
* gtk3: Popover background padding fix (affects Lollypop);

Lounge-gtk-theme 1.7 2 years ago

* gtk3/gtk2: Colors adjustment;
* gtk3/gtk3: Menu restyled to match popover menus;
* gtk3: Teeview progressbar restyled;
* gtk3: Scales restyled;
* gtk3: Restyled keycaps (shortcut window);
* gtk3: Restyled switch toggles;
* gtk3: Drop targets adjustment;
* gtk3: Searchbar button padding fix;
* gtk3: Selection mode fix for light theme;
* gtk3: Osd toolbar fixes for dark theme;
* gtk3: Fix notebook button padding
(affects gnome-terminal tabs bar height);
* gtk3: Gnome-calendar headerbar source-button fix;
* gtk3: Fractal custom button padding fix;
* gtk3: Lollypop progress trough fix for dark theme;
* gtk3: Firefox menu border workaround;
* gtk2: Reduce entry size;
* shell: Removed workspace switcher transparency;
* shell: Better visibility for page indicators;
* shell: Restyled switch toggles;
* general: Firefox tweaks updated;
* Various fixes and improvements.

Lounge-gtk-theme 1.6 2 years ago

* gtk3/gtk2: Reworked colors;
* gtk3/gtk2: Simplified buttons;
* gtk3/gtk2: Simplified scale/progressbars;
* gtk3/gtk2: Various fixes;
* shell: Workspace switcher reworked;
* shell: Selected background color updated;
* shell: Assets updated to match new color;

Lounge-gtk-theme 1.5 2 years ago

* Build improvement;
* Add support for Ubuntu 18.10
(corect css style for old nautilus will be installed);
* Firefox style update;
* gtk3/gtk2: Focused entries adjustment;
* gtk3: Lollypop style (sidebar treeview hack);
* gtk3: Various buttons padding fixes;
* gtk3: Added some text/icon shadows;
* gtk3: Fixed color buttons in popovers;
* gtk3: Fixed headerbar entry style;
* gtk3: Infobars color adjustment;
* gtk3: Popovers margins adjustment;
* gtk3: Fixed buttons in gedit's document panel.

Lounge-gtk-theme 1.4 2 years ago

* Build improvement:
gtk3-devel no longer required,
build both gtk variants (3.22/3.24) to proper folders
(better flatpak support);
* gnome-shell theme generation based on installed version;
* gtk3: Fix button width (small buttons was thin sometimes);
* gtk3: Adjust places sidebar row height;
* gtk3: Nautilus pathbar button backdrop state fix (3.30);
* gtk3: Add text shadow for colored buttons;
* gtk3: Reduce popover margins;
* gtk3: Adjust padding for osd buttons;
* gtk3: Adjust scale trough/highlight border color on selected row;
* gtk3: Adjust separator color in dark theme.

Lounge-gtk-theme 1.3 2 years ago

* Correct dark theme colors and related assets

Lounge-gtk-theme 1.2 2 years ago

* shell: Adjust dash radius;
* gtk3/gtk2: Dark theme rework, not so dark now, better contrast on buttons;
* gtk3/gtk2: Scale fixes;
* gtk3: Entry tag fix;
* gtk3: Reduce window shadows;
* gtk3: Nautilus sidebar fixes;
* gtk3: Nautilus devel css style remove (too much code) (3.28);
* gtk3: Levelbar fixes;

Lounge-gtk-theme 1.1 2 years ago

* general: Build improvement, now gnome-shell theme builds
depending on gtk3 version, assuming gtk 3.24 = gnome 3.30
* shell: scss files restructure;
* shell: Volumebar fix (3.30)
* shell: Import upstream commits with improvements
* gtk3: Combobox button fix (arrow looks better)
* gtk3: Nautilus search entry fix (3.30)
* gtk3: New style for nautilus sidebar

Lounge 1.0 2 years ago

* Build improvement, now theme builds depending on gtk3 version;
* Scss files restructure, for more flexibility;
* gtk2: Dark theme added, requires gtk-murrine-engine
* gtk3: Nautilus pathbar improvements
* gtk3: Dark theme tweaks
* gtk3: Many fixes and improvements
* general: Firefox custom css for dark theme

product-maker cjcesconetti Nov 02 2019 10 the best
Muito bom.
product-maker inf78 Sep 25 2019 10 the best
Forgot to rate, sorry!
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10 the best. thank you for Xfce
product-maker AV1Aca Sep 15 2019 9 excellent
9 excellent
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10 the best
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+It looks great on Xubuntu 18.04
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+ It looks so clean and almost perfect, my favourite!!!!
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Very beautiful! Is the dark version planned?
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+ Wow, very nice and clean theme. Absolutley love it. Thank you.
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