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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): https://www.opencode.net/fkorpsvart


A dock theme for plank inspired from mac os dock.

Thanks to fkorpsvart for doing a deep dive at planks code, these themes would be nothing without him.


The themes that come here are made to mimick the macOS blur dock, the only issue is that the blur here was created in gimp, so what you have to do is set the wallpaper that come here and set only 23 icons and a spacer and putting in onto the dock, so it can work fine and look fine.

For the spacer i did: Copy the spacer.desktop file it and paste it on /usr/share/applications then edit it with some text editor like pluma o gedit as root and put the path to the separator icon.

##Settings for plank##

The settings that I have in plank are a size of 42 so it matches with the blur in the wallpapers. I also added the trash docklet so it look like real mac. Aside for downloads folder, I only drag and drop my downloads folder to the dock from the archive manager.

In the behaviour tab i turned of hide dock, in this way the dock looks more accord with the wallpaper. I also turned off the show unpinned, so other icons don't ruin the docks style and look.

##To use plank theme##

to use the theme simply copy the folder into "/home/--enter your user name--/.local/share/plank/theme" directory .

Or copy the folder into the next directory: "/usr/share/plank/themes" directory.

It would be really helpful if you guys leave a review, like it and share it. Thanks and hope you enjoy it :)

~Themes and wallpapers modified by Francisco Nuñez


5 months ago

@nunezf, This is totally different. This is I was talking about, something of your own creativity and make it better, the blur effect is great.




5 months ago

Yeah so i've been a little ocuppied, but finally I could upload something better.

After what you commented on my other post, I took my time and read the plank code and understood it. Thanks for your review fkorpsvart, really aprecciate it, sorry if I made some problems, I just wanted to upload some nice themes, and I forgot from where I downloaded the theme, but thank you, and if you let me I will edit your awsome themes and add other cool wallpapers.. :)



5 months ago

It's OK, nunezf, if you understand the code you can do better themes than me, the code is simple.
I hope to see your next work. :)


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