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A simple, modified Adwaita GTK3 theme for Gnome 3

- The OSX variants come with the OSX style close, minimize, and maximize buttons
- The Vertex variants come with the Vertex style close, minimize, and maximize buttons
- The slimmer variants are me trying to achieve the very slim OSX style headerbars

Note: slimmer variants are meant to be used with a 9pt Interface Text font size (I use Ubuntu Mono). Larger sizes make the titlebar elements (buttons/path in Nautilus) different heights. I only realised this recently.

For people using the slimmer version, I recommend running the following to remove the buttons from the gnome-terminal headerbar:

$ gsettings set org.gnome.Terminal.Legacy.Settings headerbar false

See github for the installation instructions.
Last changelog:

v1.1.3 2 days ago

Increase the height from 23 to 25 px to allow 16px icons
Add min height to sliders in the panel dropdowns


1 month ago

Looks awesome!

PSD: Anyone knows the name of the program used in the second pic? I want to it to test the themes I'm making




1 month ago

It's called gtk3-widget-factory. In Fedora you get it by installing the gtk3-devel package.



3 months ago

This is good but gtk2 apps are not themed and looks ugly



3 months ago

10 10 the best



4 months ago

9 9 excellent



4 months ago

A pure genius work!



5 months ago

9 +


v1.1.3 2 days ago

Increase the height from 23 to 25 px to allow 16px icons
Add min height to sliders in the panel dropdowns

v1.1.2 2 months ago

Reduce the OSX titlebar buttons from 16px to 14px

v1.1.1 2 months ago

- Reduce left/right padding on none slimmer osx/vertex buttons
- Revert back to original OSX title bar button colors
- Remove inset box-shadow from headerbar

v1.1.0 3 months ago

Update the dark OSX colours to something more similar to dark Mojave
Better vertical alignment on the slimmer title buttons

v1.0.15 3 months ago

Reduce the size of sliders in all themes. This should prevent the headerbar size from changing in the none slimmer themes.

v1.0.14 3 months ago

Add Vertex Slimmer theme

v1.0.12 4 months ago

Include gtk-dark.css variants for all light themes.

v1.0.11 4 months ago

Fix broken 1.0.10 which was missing gtk-contained-dark.scss.

v1.0.10 4 months ago

Resolve by including a gkt-dark.css file in the light-slimmer variant. This allows the use of the global light theme, and choosing the dark theme just for the terminal and other applications that support a dark theme override.

1.0.9 4 months ago

Small tweaks to the headerbar button positions.

1.0.8 5 months ago

Reduce the slimmer variant headerbars even further for windows with no buttons in the headerbar. This applies to applications like gnome-terminal and Firefox.

I personally run:

$ gsettings set org.gnome.Terminal.Legacy.Setting headerbar false

To remove the buttons from the gnome-terminal headerbar (requires gnome-terminal-server restart).

1.0.7 5 months ago

Fix the margins on headerbar switch to prevent headerbar height from changing when a switch is present.

1.0.6 5 months ago

Update the button/entry heights/padding to make them more consistent when stacked next to each other.

1.0.5 5 months ago

Remove '-3.24' from the theme names and add a slim OSX version.

1.0.4 6 months ago

Fixes for Epiphany browser styling.

1.0.2 6 months ago

Use symlinks to the admin-gtk3-light-3.24 directory for common files to make maintenance easier.

1.0.1 6 months ago

Add vertex style close buttons to the 3.24 themes.

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