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Score 75.6%

A Redmond style theme with a Win2k color scheme and explorer style toolbars. Now includes Plus! pack, Whisker menu support and better LibreOffice compatibility.

-To install: extract Redmond2K.tar.gz into your themes directory.

-Note: The following applets should be used for the gtk2 xfce4 panel to look correct with the frame hack:
Notification Area followed by Orage Panel Clock. Right click on the notification tray and select properties. Uncheck "show frame". (GTK2 or GTK3 panel)
GTK3 panel only: System tray followed by xfce4 clock applet. (make sure to uncheck "show frame" in notification area options.)

-To use the firefox theme (IE5_classic_firefox.tar.gz): create a directory named chrome inside of your firefox profile directory and extract the archive into the chrome directory. (ex ~/.mozilla/firefox/default-release/chrome).

-theme_builder.tar.gz: A theme generator script to compile the Redmond2K theme with custom colors.
(Make sure to install imagemagick or the script won't work)
-Edit theme.conf to set the desired colors.
-Run ./ to compile and install the theme.

Known issues:
-There is a slight gap between the notification tray and orage clock tray.
-If you don't uncheck the "show frame" option for the notification tray the borders will be misaligned.
-LibreOffice: Scrollbar arrows do not match theme scrollbar arrows. I'm still actively troubleshooting this.
-LibreOffice: Some combobox text covers the combo button, currently working on some workarounds as LibreOffice ignores padding.
Last changelog:

1.63 3 months ago

Added basic support for MATE desktop.



4 months ago

And "c_box-pressed.png" from "Redmond2K/gtk-2.0/c_box/" It has "X" the same as in Win3x theme.




4 months ago

10 10 the best




4 months ago

10 10 the best


1.63 3 months ago

Added basic support for MATE desktop.

1.6 3 months ago

-Added support for GTK3 version of Xfce4 panel.
-Added suggested fixes by Signy to theme builder script.

1.51 4 months ago

-Modified dialog layout
-Fixed progress text background color
-Fixed tooltip colors
-Removed redmond95 gtk-engine dependency for gtk2 theme
-Added systemtray / clock frame hack for xfce4 panel
-Updated scrolledwindow list
-Theme builder reflects latest changes.

1.421 4 months ago

-No updates to theme engine.
-Changed download source to my github repo for easier package management.
-Added various Win9x themes.
-New bonus content includes:
CDE, Digital CDE, Digital CDE2, High Contrast, High Contrast 2, Lilac Rose, Matrix, Rainy Day, Red White and Blue, Rose, Slate, Spruce, Storm and Teal color schemes.

1.42 4 months ago

-Added missing treeview progressbar.
-Modified toolbars (fixes space between toolbar and menubar in LibreOffice).

1.4 4 months ago

-Fixed combobox entry issues with Mousepad
-Fixed scrollbar buttons in LibreOffice (arrows are still an issue and currently use the default LibreOffice arrows for now.)
-Adjusted frame borders
-Fixed notebook tab button padding so tab height is no longer excessive or too tall.
-Updated theme builder to include latest updates.

Redmond2K.tar.gz: 345b5351028ec7b7e874070e1796299c
theme_builder.tar.gz: 9266e7085ff644d8d657a623767381c8
ie5_classic_firefox.tar.gz: afa0c29207a83652967db70f6ddd01b7

1.3 4 months ago

-Updated Whisker menu theme
-Updated theme_builder script with Whisker Menu theme options.
-Various minor fixes.

1.2 4 months ago

-Fixed text label highlight and text entry read-only background colors
-Fixed left/right scrollbar arrows in Firefox
-Changed combobox button to drop down combobox entry style in GTK2 and GTK3
-Changed button focus outline to dotted
-Fixed spin button frames in GTK3
-Updated theme_builder to reflect changes.

1.1 4 months ago

Updated IE5 classic Firefox theme.
-Added border around web content window
-Added history dropdown button

-Left toolbars slightly transparent to work with different color schemes.
-History dropdown button currently stays default grey color from the original Redmond2K theme.

1.0 4 months ago

Added Redmond2K Midnight Theme
Updated theme builder script (last upload reverted the script to an older version)

0.98 4 months ago

Updated theme builder script to allow changing of the toolbar style.
-Theme builder script config file updated.

0.97 4 months ago

-Added ability to set color saturation in the theme builder.
-Theme builder config now accepts R,G,B color codes and HEX color codes.

0.96 4 months ago

-Added RGB overdrive option to theme builder
-Fixed RGB to HEX conversions in script. (This caused some colors to be incorrectly calculated in previous releases.)
-TODO: add ability to use either HEX or RGB for setting theme colors. For now only HEX color codes are valid.

0.95 4 months ago

Importance: HIGH
-Fixed errors in theme builder script.
-Earlier version 0.9 script will display some errors and may fail to correctly copy all theme files

0.9 4 months ago

Affects all Redmond2K themes:
-Changed popup menu behavior from inherit to forced initial font setting (Menus now respect initial font settings instead of parent window fonts.)
-Updated default Redmond2K theme and Redmond2K Fallout to reflect latest code updates.
-Added version identifier to all themes so themes can be patched instead of having to reinstall all themes for every update. The patching system will support theme versions 0.9 onward.

IMPORTANT: The file structure and images have drastically changed since the initial release. It is recommended to remove all Redmond2K themes and files before installing the latest version to remove orphaned files/directories and to ensure the themes can be successfully patched for any new fixes.

-Updated theme builder files to reflect above fixes.
-Custom themes now include version identifiers so they may also be patched instead of recompiled for each fix.

0.8 4 months ago

-Combined Redmond2K Plus themes and the Redmond2K theme in one package.
Added three new high contrast themes:
-Redmond2K Hot Dog Stand theme
-Redmond2K High Contrast
-Redmond2K Twisted Lime

Updated theme_builder script.
-Added ability to adjust highlight and shadow brightness
-Added ability to boost RGB channel colors of the 3d highlight and shadow colors
-Ability to adjust border colors
-GTK3 theme now follows shadow colors

0.7 4 months ago

New! Redmond2K Plus!
Includes various color schemes from the original Windows 98 Plus! pack and more.
Included themes: Aqua, Baseball, Dangerous Creatures, Fallout, Inside Your Computer, Jungle, Leonardo da Vinci, Mystery, Nature, Redmond98 Plus, Science, Sports, The 60s USA, The Golden Era, Travel and Underwater.

To install:
Download Redmond2K Plus.tar.gz and extract into your themes directory. Enjoy!

Experimental: Added theme generator script for making custom color schemes.

0.61 4 months ago

Fixed issue of unfocused windows causing scrollbar button borders to disappear.

0.6 4 months ago

Finished converting GTK3 theme to a modular CSS layout.
Cleaned up and sorted out theme code.

Note: This should not affect current theme functionality it's mostly for making improvements and making troubleshooting easier. If you're using version 0.57 or later there is no need to upgrade to this version yet.

0.57 4 months ago

Updated IE5 Classic Firefox theme to work with native toolbar colors (allows theme to work with an array of different colors and other styles)
-Added Fallout - a green monochrome theme

0.56 4 months ago

Fixed GTK2 menu arrow to match GTK3 menu arrows

0.55 Changes:
Fixed text color on Whisker Menu selected button.
Adjusted menubar padding so GTK3 and GTK2 match
Fixed GTK3 menu bar in Libre-Office
Added missing separators for GTK3 windows
Added text shadow to disabled text in menus and buttons
Fixed disabled text color for GTK2 check and radio buttons
Fixed GTK2 disabled entry background color

0.55 4 months ago

Fixed text color on Whisker Menu selected button.
Adjusted menubar padding so GTK3 and GTK2 match
Fixed GTK3 menu bar in Libre-Office
Added missing separators for GTK3 windows
Added text shadow to disabled text in menus and buttons
Fixed disabled text color for GTK2 check and radio buttons
Fixed GTK2 disabled entry background color

0.54 4 months ago

-Fixed disabled menu items in GTK3 not being greyed out
-Added support for app info bar colors
-Fixed link colors in apps to selected bg color
-Changed selected menubar item style to selected toolbar button style in GTK3 and GTK2
-Adjusted GTK2 header image
-Per request changed Whisker Menu "category" hovered button to toolbar style instead of selected bg color.
-Removed frame around Whisker Menu scrolledwindow widgets.

0.53 4 months ago

-Fixed Whisker Menu selected item. Issue: White text on white background when searching for an item, now changed to a blue background with white text.

0.52 4 months ago

-Removed checkered image from Whisker Menu background.
-Changed focused combobox entry background from selected bg color to white.

0.51 4 months ago

-Added support for GTK3 version of the Whisker Menu
-Added missing support for non-toolbar flat buttons

0.5 4 months ago

-Fixed GTK2 combobox arrow spacing
-Changed checked/selected toolbar button style to checkered button
-Added flat style toolbar buttons to GTK2 theme
-Fixed reference in GTK2 theme to missing null.png file

0.4 4 months ago

Added official Redmond2K GTK2 theme.
Some widgets may still be unfinished.

0.32 4 months ago

-Modified included GTK2 theme tabs, toolbars and toolbar buttons to match the official GTK3 theme colors.

0.31 4 months ago

-Finished popover widget
-Fixed header bar button padding

product-maker fblais Nov 06 2019 8 great
8 great Nicely done! What icons do you use or suggest, please? Thanks!
product-maker Signy Aug 05 2019 10 the best
It is like return home - with this theme I like my XFCE as in good old days, when design was not changed every now and then just to be changed. Thank you very much, it is great.
product-maker kiloburn Jul 13 2019 10 the best
People quit making good Redmond themes for whatever reason, but this looks awesome. Will definitely support!
product-maker remussatala Jul 13 2019 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker iceler Jul 13 2019 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker Base: 4 x 5.0 Ratings
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