Prowler EX WhiskerMenu and Panel theme GTK3 XFCE 4.14


Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):


UPDATE: Fix for App Menu button to reduce necessity for adjusting padding by the end user.
-Adjustments made to images for better fit.
-Adjustments made to .css for better performance.

If you have ever seen some of my other uploads, you may have noticed a note about the menu. Well, I decided to take a shot at making one that others can download.
It's still tricky, though. What font and what size font you are using may alter how things line up. How large you like your WhiskerMenu to be will cause things to not line up...
But given how often you see topics started on forums asking how to Theme The WhiskerMenu... I figure that giving a head start is about as good as giving a theme. Essentially, if you set up your dektop the same way I have, then this themed menu will look just like you see in the Pictures above. But- you can take this theme and alter it to your hearts content using the material provided as a Starting Point to make it Your Own.

For this Prowler, it was very helpful by allowing me to make Dark Contrast Font against a Light Background.

My settings are:
Conthrax font size 11.
DPI 96.
Whiskermenu is set to
Item Icon size: Normal
Category Icon size: Large
--show generic app names and show app descriptions are UNchecked.
-Position search entry next to panel button - checked
-Position categories next to panel button - checked
Works best when used with AzenisEX theme

Image One: Inactive Menu. Image Two: Hover over the whiskermenu button. Image Three: Active menu and button.

To install:
Extract to your downloads folder. IMPORTANT! These are packaged in a folder named "ExtractOutOfThis". The whisker-prowler folder and the gtk.css file must be outside of that folder and placed in your .config/gtk-3.0 folder.
Move whisker-prowler folder to ~/.config/gtk-3.0/ folder
Move gtk.css file to ~/.config/gtk-3.0/ folder (if you already have a gtk.css file, you can add these contents to your existing gtk.css file as long as they do not conflict with a panel or whiskermenu theme you already have).
Right click panel and select Panel Preferences. Appearance Tab. Then select:
Style: background Image
File: ProwlerBG1 -navigate to /.config/gtk-3.0/whisker-prowler to select the image-
Panel-size is best between 36 to 42
Right click the WhiskerMenu Button and select Properties. Click on the "icon" button to change the icon. Navigate to /.config/gtk-3.0/whisker-prowler to select the "transparency.png" image. (IMPORTANT! If this is Not Done, then the App Menu Icon will distort! This step must be done.)
Restart your panel by opening terminal and entering into it:
xfce4-panel -r
Open your newly themed Whiskermenu and grab the Resize Grip at the Upper Right side. Drag in which ever directions you need to line up the menu contents with the lines within.
-----The way the menu is intended to appear (As shown in photos above) the scrolling Category Items and the scrolling App Items will seem to slide behind the imagery at the top and bottom at the lines.-----
Because this is gtk3 instead of gtk2 (Yes,a gtk2 version is made and available of you want one), you kinda have to fiddle with it a bit.

I hope you enjoy :D


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