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This is a quick n' dirty modification of PaulXFCE's XFWM4 theme for PRO-Dark theme. This is ONLY the Window Border XFWM4. If you would like the rest of the product, please go to this lik:
The creation of this spawned from the XFCE Forums, where a user complained that with PRO-Dark, there were no borders to grab and resize.
This version creates a chunk around the edges with border in order for users to grab and resize the border from any portion of the window, instead of only the header.
I literally banged this out in about four minutes- It could probably stand improvement so Critical Feedback Welcome.

The person I created this for never got back to me as to whether it resolved his problem... It was a Test Window border, nothing mroe- I was going to delete if from this site but... It has gotten quite a few quiet downloads- I wonder if I should leave it up- improve it- take it down...

TO INSTALL: Extract into your /user/share/themes folder or ~/.themes folder and select with the Window Manager.
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Oct 02 2020
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