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pyLinuxWheel is a graphical program developed in gtk3 to configure your Logitech Steering Wheel in Linux. Currently it supports the following features:

Range: allows you to change the default wheel range.
Resistance: set the strength needed to turn the steering wheel.
Gain: adjust the overall strength of the force feedback effects.
Combine pedals: useful for old games which can do not work with separate accelerator/brake axis.
Alternate modes: with this option your wheel can emulate other Logitech models. For example, a G29 steering wheel can emulate a G27 model. Useful only when a game does not support your steering wheel model.
Test: you can check the force feedback, buttons and pedals of your steering wheel with pyLinuxWheel.
Profiles: create, modify, import and export profiles of your steering wheel settings. You can also get a set of profiles made by us using the file.
Auto Adaptive Interface: pyLinuxWheel enables only those options from its interface that are supported for your steering wheel.
Automatic installation udev rules: pyLinuxWheel can automatic install or update udev rules for your wheel, so you don't need root permission to change your Logitech driver configuration.
Models supported: Driving Force (EX, RX, Pro, GT), G25, G27, G29, G920, Logitech Racing Wheel USB, WingMan Formula (Yellow, GP, Force GP) and MOMO (Force, Racing).
Tested in many distributions: Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSuse, Manjaro, etc.
Free software: pyLinuxWheel is published under GPL3 license.
Multi language: English, French, Spanish and Turkish translations.

Note: Not the developer just providing an appimage
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