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System Software android root supersu tool tweak

Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):

Available as/for: 32bit - x8664bit - x86Android (APK)arm64 - 64bitarmhf - 32bitstable

Kitana Tweak

*** Disclaimer
I am not responsible for any side effects (if any) or damages (if any) caused by this application.
This is a 100% systemless app. If you are having problems, please just uninstall it then reboot.

Kitana Tweak is an application that aims to increase the performance of your device, also by focusing on battery.
Include performance, battery, kernel tweaks, I/O, and a lot many other tweaks.

Hot Clean
Battery Improvement
Increase WiFi Scan
Kernel Tuner
Kernel Panic
Sleepers Optimization
Bypass JNI
YouTube Resolution
GPU Rendering
Rendering Quality
Liquid Smooth UI
Better Scrolling
Performance Tuner
CPU Optimizer
FPS Unlock
16bit Transparent
Net Buffer Size
Net TCP Tweak
Net Speed+
Fast Streaming
IPv4/IPv6 Support
RIL Tweak
Fast Dormancy
Google DNS
ARM Wideband
I/O Boost
I/O Queue
SD Tuner
Scheduler Tuner
Cache Reclaiming
Cache Allocation
z-RAM Enabler
OOM Killer
RAM Profile
Low RAM Flag
Clean RAM
Disable Logs
Disable I/O Stats

Installation instructions
Make sure you meet the requirements:
  • Android 4.1+
  • Root access

Download and install the .apk file or get the app in Google Play(Soon). See below get the download links.


Current version: 1.0.2, 2020-12-28
[fixes] UI improvements
[fixes] Status bar color fixed for dark mode
[fixes] Bottom bar removed from setting & log section
[fixes] Performance optimized
[fixes] Some minor bugs

version: 1.0.0-rc02, 2020-11-03
[fixes] Boot Notification
[fixes] CPU Percentage
[fixes] Generals Section FC (sometime)

version: 1.0.0-rc01, 2020-10-28
[new] New Material UI
[new] CPU Percentage added
[new] CPU Temperature added
[new] New Ram Information
[new] Performance Improvements & Minor Bugs fixes
[new] App Logo Added

version: 1.0.0-alpha03, 2020-08-03

[new] New Material Design
[new] New Dashboard
[new] Dark Theme added
[new] Activated Tweaks Logs Reader
[new] App Size Optimized
[new] Optimize Services Tweak
[new] WiFi Scan Interval With Slider
[new] Sleep Mode
[new] Fast Charging Tweak
[new] App Cache Optimization
[new] CPU Governor Changer
[new] Optimize CPU
[new] Boost CPU
[new] GPU Boost
[new] GPU Rendering by Skia
[new] JPEG Top Quality
[new] Updated RAM Profile
[new] Runtime Optimization
[new] Multitasking Tuner
[new] Never Kill Launcher
[new] DNS Optimization: Google, Cloudflare & OpenDNS
[new] Updated TCP Tuner
[new] Hide Debug Notification
[new] Disable Error Logging
[new] Disable Error Reporting
[new] Disable Tracking
[new] Tune Debug Services
[new] Quick Boot
[new] Fix Black Screen
[new] Clear Call Delay
[new] Better Audio Quality
[planned] Doze services
[planned] Tweaks Profiles

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