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I'm releasing this KDE4 plasma theme although it obviously contains bugs. That's mainly because I need help with it, I'm not familiar with editing SVG images.

Please take a look at the screenshot: There's a glitch at the menu top where the bubble with the Santa's hat is. I cannot find where it doesn't match and I don't know how to repair.

The second one is the notes widget. The hat is only fully shown when the note is rotated (by now only the translucent note has a hat).

And third: the branding.svgz isn't shown in the menu...

Hints and help appreciated

This theme is based on the Gaia Recycled theme, I have mainly modified the pager (so that the window frames are visible and switched the color for active and hovered), the tray, added the hat, added kreyscale tray icons and others, added an xmas branding, green tooltips.


10 years ago

Merry Christmas


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