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This is the Plasma Red/Ruby theme I am working on. I'm actually working on it in KDE's repositories, but in a branch. I'll merge it into kde-artwork when I'm done, if all goes well.

Let me know what needs improved, it's definitely a work in progress, but I got quite a bit of it done today, so here it is.

I'll be posting regular "snapshots" of what I do in master.

Criticism/suggestions welcomed.

Alternate download link, one that is tar.bz2 not lzma, and also through (external mirror):


8 years ago

would you make the panel background transparent red ? or provide an alternative panel background the is transparent red.
I think it looks awesome but really want a transparent red panel background.
I have not seen anyone do a red tinged transparent theme yet.



8 years ago

Someone told me about this the,me on my site and I really like it, but I can't see how to install and use it. I was able to install it from via System Settings > Desktop Appearance > Desktop Themes but it's not showing up in my list of available themes. Before installing it I did install libsmokeplasma3, plasma-scriptengine-ruby and ruby-plasma before I installed your theme. Did I miss something I need?


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Plasma Themes

Plasma Themes are for the main elements of the DE, like Panel, Menu, etc.

Read more about how to do Plasma Themes here: