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Score 47%

If you need create the desktop like the most used on is good choice

or if you need the same cursor used on wine

BUT if you need find the beautiful cursor don't use it because this cursor is horrible

the Archive have the Cursor's and source of Cursor's


11 years ago

I'll have to second the comment that the old-school Windows cursor is ugly, and that I'm also not an interface-fascist (heheh... about time someone coined that term). After using much better mouse themes, the old Windows one looks like turd. It almost hurts the eyes. But seriously, I'm still going to give a good ranking, due to me not being an interface-fascist. No! Dammit! Gnome is like freakin genius. They use 100% Microsoft-free terms to refer to everything! They refer to a window as "opening" just to not remind us of Microsoft! Praise Gnome. The "close button" is referred to as "make this opening stop now!" Praise Gnome. Drop down menus are officially referred to as "not drop downs; something else". Praise Gnome. Oh wait I use KDE. Oh.... they are like Microsoft's whipping boy!!! I might as well use Vista!



11 years ago

Well, Windows Cursor is ugly, but if someone wants to... It's free choice. I'm not a fasist of interfaces.



11 years ago

Thanks. I've been looking for a pointer theme to go with my XP theme.


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