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A cursor pointer set created based in AmigaOS (Yes, again the Amiga... But hey don't blame me XD There are tons of themes to morph your distro into a Windows or Mac. Someone should give a little more love for Amiga too.)

The inspiration from another cursor pack created by FishBone Crew: A nice, funny mouse cursor theme, simple and yet good to use. Sadly, it misses some cursors.

I really wanted to make a complete version of the package but I decided, in the final, to draw my own version and make it more complete, with more cursors. The idea was to make them with more variation of shades, and keep it old-school enough. It may not be perfect, but I hope you enjoy it. :)

Please, feel free to use, change or modify this theme package. Feel free to do anything you want.

Thank you for reading, see you next time!

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5 years ago

1.0.: First COMPLETE release - still open for feedback

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5 years ago

1.0.: First COMPLETE release - still open for feedback

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